All you need to know about sushi restaurants in Boston, MA

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Sushi is a Japanese dish that is very famous in Boston. It is a healthy dish that accompanies a variety of ingredients including seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits occasionally. Sushi’s popularity has steadily increased in the western world especially with the use of salmon. In fact sushi is more famous in Boston than in any Japanese state. However, there are numerous sushi restaurants in Boston, MA from where one can order from the comfort of his or her own home, or can march in there and enjoy some fine dining.

There is plenty of seafood in Boston area and the sushi has carved out quite a place for itself among the lobster rolls and crudos of the region. One can order from salmon sashimi to an hours long omakase feast. Here are some of the best sushi restaurants in Boston, MA in affordable price:

  • There are numerous sushi spots in Somerville’s union square. These are cheerful spots with ample seating, kind servers and great sushi. You can order any of the day’s specials even if there’s a torched salmon belly. Except sushi there are plenty of other options too.
  • There are spots with a few sashimi options and they serve tempura, grilled skewers, rice balls and more. There’s an enviable sake selection can also order a spicy tuna tartare from here.
  • There are places where one can try from traditional to unusual dishes with an extremely reasonable price. Besides this, they can also opt for an array of creative sushi and sashimi. These diverse places also serve omakase.
  • If one wants to go for some snacks one can opt for some places where they serve special rolls such as the black forest (asparagus, jalapeno, tuna, cucumber, bacon beans, truffle oil and soy gaze) and there is a sake toro-a seared salmon belly-which comes either a ssushi or sashimi.
  • A restaurant in Boston serve mood indigo maki, gaga’s monster rolls and there are dishes named after fairy tale collection- sleeping beauty rolls, red riding hood rolls, and beyond, they also offer a huge variety of Asian fusion cuisine.
  • There are a few sophisticated spots where one can experience an exquisite evening with a magnificent kaiseki dinner-high-end, ultra-seasonal tastings that are meant to incorporate all the senses. Sushi and sashimi also appear alongside the kaiseki experience in the chef’s counter-simple and fresh preparations that complement the intricacies of non-sushi dishes
  • There is also an option of Nikkei cuisine that serve rolls made with Asian opera,avocado, and crispy rock shrimpon the sushi side and yellowfin tuna with cucumber and puffed quinoa and short rib tataki with smoked blue cheese huancaina and spicy ponzu.
  • If anybody wants to have grand meals this is a must for him or her. having dinner in this place is the biggest splurge but it has 20 perfect little courses ending with a chocolate and foie gras creation that is unlike any sushi one has ever tasted, not to mention the sophisticated sake program also.

So, relish your favourite Sushi in Boston without any hassles!

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