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During the weekend horrible car services in Bangalore is a common experience with your car and a ruining quality time of the weekend is a common phenomenon for the workshop visitors.Hence to bring a reliable service Pitstop, a new start up has come up with doorstep car repair and servicing in Bangalore and Delhi NCR. Mihir Mohan, the founder member says its aim is to reinvent the way people get their car serviced by giving assurance for the authenticity of parts, creating a fair ecosystem, providing service at a very economical price and bringing convenience at the touch of fingertips.

Major services for any vehicle are as follows:
1) Inspection
2) General Services
3) Repairs
4) Body Repair
5) AC Top up

Pitstop car service in Bangalore is available for vehicles from 32 manufacturers. It is gradually expanding into Motor Insurance for which they have collected data points from on-board diagnostic (OBD) devices, gravity meters, AC sensors, and other vehicle tracking devices and will be used to modify Pitstop’s insurance product for its customers.

The company is currently working with motor insurance firms for a commercial launch, very soon. Beyond this, a user’s driving behaviour captured from OBD devices and other car sensors will also be used to decide policy renewal price, as well as for insurance claims.

It is aone-stop solution for all things’ cars from car servicing, car repairs and car cleaning.

There are multiple centres of car services in Bangalore, with a network of technology-enabled, flawless car service offering convenient experience at the tip of your finger. With the highly skilled technical knowhow, manufacturer recommended procedures and the promise of genuine spare parts they are at their best.

It’s a treat for us whilestaying in our comforts of our home or office and make the most of our complimentary pick-up and drop-in service. Being the best trustworthy to your personal car care expert, advisor and car mechanic.

Trust the Pitstop Wayfor:

  • Convenience
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Reliability


Considering the busy schedule aligned to our hectic life they are here to make it as easy as possible when it comes to the car service and repair. As the service is right at the doorstephence there is no hassle traffic worries. Online hassle free and safe paymentsadd extra feathers to the hat.


In restoring trust in car service and repair upfront pricing is very importantbecause the business standing on the foundation of trust. Automatic diagnostics, service beyond the standards, real time updates where every detail counts are few important outstanding feature of their service.


Pitstop’s top-notch responsibility under theircommitment to quality and car care is quite competitive in the market. Skilled technicians and hands that understand cars well.Genuine spares for long lasting protection.Service warranty, most important factor on which you can always count on.


Sharing smiles through your car caring is their motto. They care for your car the way you would because they know how much you love your car ensuring its safety.

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