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Purple color is the symbol of royal ness, dignity, pride, passion, and charm. Since purple is a noble color it differently affects our body and mind like lifting our spirits and soothing our mind and nerves. Everyone around the globe loves these purple flowers. It is also said that having purple-colored flowers is a symbol of creativity and belongingness. We have stated below about the different types of purple flowers that are famous around the globe. You can get these flowers delivery in Sharjah.


Here are the purple flowers that we can find across the globe:



Petunias are one of the most used flowers for containers and borders. These beautiful flowers have different meanings in different regions and cultures. These petunia flowers are mostly found in royal purple color and they symbolize adventure, fiction, beauty, and charm. You can send flowers to Sharjah and gift someone you love. They convey all the messages correctly. These flowers bloom beautifully and spread the lovely fragrance across the area.



Pansy flower is more fragrant and edible flowers that are available in purple color. They naturally found in purple color. Purple pansy flowers symbolize pride, love, and admiration. Pansies are one of the flower gifts that is suitable for different occasions. These flowers are also a symbol of trust. They are well known for their charm and beauty.


We are going to discuss one of the best and beautiful flowers in the world. As we do not get natural purple-colored, rose but we can get it in a hybrid way through crossbreeding. The purple rose is known for its mystical color and it symbolizes richness and royalty. These roses come in varieties of tones from lavender to deep and dark purple. As the rose is a symbol of love this purple color conveys your love message to your loved ones. Send flowers to online Dubai to your loved ones and convey your love feeling to them. You can gift these flowers and decorate your room that can bring charm you never believed.



Hydrangea is blossom flowers that bloom in summer and winter. They usually grow in white, pink, and purple colors. However, the purple color hydrangea looks beautiful and elegant than other shades. Depending on soil pH level, we can change the pink hydrangea to purple one by lowering the level. Purple hydrangea represents understanding and faith. This flower makes the best gift for friendship.


Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers can be available in many colors and the purple-colored flower is most chosen among them. These flowers are saucer-shaped and open in the morning timings. These flowers are mostly chosen for anniversary occasions that too especially on the 11th anniversary.



These coneflowers are beautiful and resemble daisies. They are found in a deep purple color. These coneflowers are mostly used flowers, among these purple-colored flowers are mostly chosen.



Lisianthus flowers resemble rose flowers. They are found in different shades and purple is most attractive among them. These flowers symbolize pride and charm. You can order flowers online Abu Dhabi and send these flowers to your loved ones. These flowers can also be used for decoration at your house that adds charm to the rooms.

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