What are The Benefits of PVC Shutters?

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Plantation shutters come in several different design, colour, and material combinations. You can choose traditional white-painted wood shutters or modern PVC shutters for your home. Each material has its pros and cons, and it can be a little difficult to determine which option is right for your home. In this article, we discuss the benefits of PVC shutters so you can decide whether the material is a good choice for you before buying PVC shutters online.

1. Low-Maintenance

PVC shutters are low-maintenance and that’s one of the biggest advantages. You just need to dust and clean them regularly to keep them in pristine condition. Good-quality shutters often come with 25-year warranties and will last longer than that if maintained well. You don’t need to repaint the shutters or fix any cracks on its surface. Unlike other materials, you don’t need to refinish the shutters or watch out for issues like warping.

2. Waterproof

People use PVC shutters instead of wood shutters because they have better resistance to water. PVC doesn’t absorb moisture and it doesn’t swell or warp when exposed to it. That’s why PVC plantation shutters are a good choice for damp and humid areas. Many homeowners install these shutters in their bathrooms and showers. This window treatment can handle very moist environments better than any other material, include fabric and hardwood.

3. Heat Resistant

Good-quality PVC shutters are both fire and heat resistant. They’re specifically formulated to withstand the sun’s UV rays and can even form a barrier over your window. You will have minimal light penetration when the shutters are closed. They’re almost as effective has blackout curtains for this purpose. That’s one of the reasons why PVC shutters are very popular in Melbourne.

4. Affordability

People are often attracted to poly shutters price. They’re more affordable than options like natural wood. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a good shutter, PVC is a great choice. Even the highest quality PVC shutters are more affordable than some other options available in the market today.

5. Appearance

Few people can tell the difference between PVC and wood shutters, especially from a distance. This material is very versatile so you can choose different designs and textures for your window. For example, if you like the appearance of traditional white plantation shutters, you can get the same look and feel with PVC. This material also offers a wide range of colour options so you don’t need to stick with white. Many homeowners choose colours like black, grey, or dark green.

As you can see, there are several benefits of getting PVC shutters. Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks. You have limited size options and poor-quality shutters aren’t built to handle long-term exposure to sunlight or heat.

When you get PVC shutters online, you need to make sure they are manufactured by reliable companies and are of good quality. Cheap PVC shutters will warp and become yellow over time, especially if they’re exposed to harsh sunlight and outdoor conditions.

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