Best Hotel Booking Engine Option

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Travel booking solutions should streamline the sales process and reduce the amount of time it takes your agency to train new agents to allow them to focus on selling faster.  Packaging options can allow travel agents to price multiple products, easily bundle them into a package and sell them online. Here is where an easy to use standalone hotel booking engine can be an excellent tool for agents or consumers to research and confirm hotel reservations.

Hotel Booking Engine

Create your own pre-packaged offers for your customers that include not only their airline arrangements but their hotel accommodations, transfers, and even cruise vacations as well.  For those looking to design and create their own custom packages, dynamic packaging solutions allow both agents and consumers to package and price cruises, flights, hotels, and other travel products in real-time.  How your travel agency decides to integrate hotel accommodations into the products offered depends on your individual agency’s business and customer needs.

Some travel agents may avoid offering to check hotel accommodations for their customers since choosing the right hotel for a particular trip can be tricky depending upon a customer’s specific needs.  Hotels can vary so much with each offering different levels of service and amenities included, not to mention geographic location within a region.  For those looking to stay in a particular area of a city or near a specific point of interest, a hotel booking engine with geo-coding that helps customers and agents quickly find the right hotel in the right location can prove to be a valuable and timesaving tool.

Your travel booking solution should include the ability to pre-define business rules and easily adjust a product’s selling price or offer targeted promotions to your customers.  Today’s online hotel booking engine needs to include detailed product descriptions and rich content linked to media files that can assist agents as well as consumers throughout the research, shopping, and booking process.  Users are able to view pictures representing different room types, actual property public spaces as well as street views.  And for those planning to expand into new markets, many of today’s travel technology solutions can easily handle multiple languages and currencies.

Advances in technology continue to change the online shopping experience and mobile readiness has become increasingly important to anyone looking to compete online.  The question is not whether more travel bookings will be made using a mobile booking engine, but rather how much of your business today is already being impacted by this change in behavior.  ‘Mobile First’ should be the philosophy for all development strategy whether immediate or long term.

Adding a hotel booking to your customer’s travel itinerary is easy to do and gives you the opportunity to assist with more of their travel needs, so you will want to seriously consider including a hotel booking component as part of your travel technology solution.  Finding a hotel booking engine with the right combination of options for your business can be a critical decision. Finding a technology partner with solutions that will help you reach today’s consumer when, where and how they shop for travel can be just as important.

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