The Best Method To Clean The Insides Of Your Ac By Yourself

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With all the news channels showing nothing but the increasing number of tolls of the pandemic, it’s hard to sit peacefully in the buzz. Even a well-informed person might dilute through all the hassle in regaining control to keep their surroundings and home clean for the safety of their families. 

Since in the new era of work from home, everybody stays indoors, creating the need to live in hygienic and clean surroundings. The house cleaning habits have become more rigid since the crowd in the house has become more permanent. 

The living room has become a permanent residence, while the AC has become much more productive than we all have been together. The kitchen has become a restaurant catering for the hunger pangs of everybody 24/7, while the couch has made us all couch potatoes.

But covid 19 has made us look closer at our cleanliness habits and forced us to rethink what we touch and clean. 

How can Covid 19 thrive into hone surroundings:

There are thousands of microorganisms thriving on various parts of our skin, which release onto the environment as they come in contact with the objects around us.

The microorganisms of Covid are as well released in aerosols from sneezing or coughing, and the microorganisms remain suspended in the air. Thus even though we take all precautionary measures, we are under constant threat of picking up microorganisms from the external environment.  

The SARS-COV-2 is an entirely host-dependent virus but can thrive in the environment for at least a few days.

With the increasing heat, the usage of AC’S is unavoidable for the whole day even though there are several restrictions regarding Air conditioner and health. It’s important to clean the air conditioner all by yourself since calling another person might not be a good idea during these times.

Some very important points to keep in mind while self-cleaning AC:-

The air filters are important parts of the mechanism and need to be handled carefully. Gently, with the brush’s help, the deposits must be thoroughly cleansed since it has various germs enwrapped in its coil. The AC condenser coil cleaner helps properly clean the deposits and dust three times better than normal water. 

After thoroughly rubbing the coils with Foaming AC coil cleaner, it is important to leave them open while letting the filters fry in the open sun.

Gently rub the insides with the dry cloth since the wet can be harmful and potentially damage it from inside.

After resembling all the parts at one go, you are all set. You enjoy your family time, savouring some chips and cakes as you binge-watch your favourite series together.

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