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The Best Patio Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

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2018 is almost behind us now, and the world is gearing up to welcome the New Year with better designs for interior and exterior designing. Designers are coming up with a lot of fancy ideas to attract users and give them a premium feel of their services.

2019 promises far better trends when it comes to exterior designing, as patio enclosures in Dallas, TX will witness a widespread rise in new patio designs and options.

Homeowners want to get something different on their patio that would make the area stand out, not just in respect to their home but in comparison to other patios as well. For this to happen, they need a good solid design, and 2019 promises just that.

Raised Flat Patios

Just when you thought flat patios might just go out of fashion, we saw a recent increase in the interest shown towards raised flat patios. These patios made their first appearance back in 2017, and have since then been gaining in prestige with every passing day.

These raised patios have the same design as a flat one, only that they are slightly raised compared to the roof. These patios create a pretty picture by incorporating both the rise and fall for the patio. They create a wonderful amalgam of darkness and light by ensuring that you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one space.

Skillion Patio

Talk about contrasts, a skillion patio is a complete opposite of the raised flat patio we talked about above. These patios fall back towards the home, rather than going up above the roof’s height.

The idea behind a skillion patio is to accentuate the purpose of the shade that a patio provides and use it as a refresher. These patios are bent into the house; hence they create exemplary shade that can cool down the atmosphere outside for you.

Have your guests come and sit outside, as they enjoy the weather without sweating much with the chances of sunshine falling on their face.

Gable Patios

One of the most recent designs in the market, Gable patios have made quite an impression on homeowners everywhere. The aesthetic experience guaranteed by these patios, couples up with the shadowy texture to create a magical experience that you will all enjoy. The patio has a good perpendicular curve to it, as it bends down from the height it achieves. It is one of the most popular design for patio enclosures in Dallas, and is used by many today.

Custom Patios

The ever-changing landscape in Texas can make homeowners think before deciding on the designs for patios and screen rooms Dallas. Keeping in mind this confusion, custom designs will rule the market in 2019.

Custom patios and screen rooms in Fort Worth best replicate what you want to achieve through your patio and can be achieved without putting in much effort.


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