Best Tourist Places to Visit in Quebec City

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Quebec City

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About Quebec City

Capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, the city is situated on the Saint Lawrence River. Its history dates back to the year 1608, which can still be witnessed with the fortified colonial core Vieux-Quebec and Place Royale. Quebec City has mostly a French-speaking community. There are several winter events, such as Carnaval de Quebec, featuring snow sculptures, ice skating, and sleigh rides, which you must attend when traveling to this town. While exploring the city closely, you will find lots of historical monuments, museums, and various spots known for its colorful nightlife. 

Want to know the top-rated tourist attractions to visit in Quebec City? Well, you are just a few scrolls away: 


  • Old Quebec


To get the real vibe of the city and witness the architectural beauty of this town, you must not miss out on visiting the Old Quebec. It is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is most famous among tourists for its impressive historic wall and buildings. Further, if you are looking to buy something unique and charming for your special one or a family member, the Quartier Petit-Champlain can be an ideal neighborhood. 


  • The Carnaval de Quebec


Although it’s not a tourist place, we thought of including it in the list as it’s a top-rated event. As mentioned earlier, the Carnaval de Quebec is the oldest and most famous winter festivals in the city. Held every year all over the country, hundreds and thousands of visitors visit the city to be a part of this wonderful celebration event. 


  • Aquarium of Quebec


Lying in the former town of Sainte-Foy, it is a massive public aquarium, sprawling an area of 16 hectares, which features about 10,000 marine animals, such as reptiles, fish, and sea mammals. This can be a worth-visiting place for you and the whole family and children during your trip. In the summertime, you can go for a picnic, or enjoy several water games while in winters, you can go for outdoor trails around the St. Lawrence River. 


  • Quartier Petit Champlain


Located in the borough of La Cite-Limoilou, Quartier Petit Champlain is one of the liveliest and happening places in the town. In this small commercial zone, you can come with your friends, family, or your love partner to go shopping, enjoy various entertainment venues, experience various art galleries, or simply stroll the area and click lots of pictures. When feeling hungry, you can choose from a wide variety of impressive restaurants to complete your visit to Quebec City. 

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