Blockchain Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketing: How to Choose the Best One?

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have existed for quite some time. And boy, has it caused some havoc in the globe recently! As a result of the storm, a new age of blockchain firms has emerged worldwide. There are so many blockchain-based services and platforms that it’s a hurricane in and of itself. Everyone is interested in cryptocurrencies, investing in crypto-based assets, and conducting business around cryptocurrencies.

But that’s the technology creating waves, and many blockchain startups have made a killing off of it. However, as the crypto field becomes more crowded, blockchain marketing has become vital for all businesses. So here’s the question: how do you market your blockchain company? While there are several techniques to consider, one essential choice must be made: engaging a blockchain marketing agency or maintaining in-house teams.

There are merits and drawbacks to both choices, and some of them can influence the decision in significant ways. So, let’s have a glimpse at each of these characteristics one by one!

Time and Team

As previously said, hiring a team and the time it might take is a significant disadvantage if you are just getting started. Add in the time and money spent on identifying the proper people, aligning them with the business, educating them, and allowing them to integrate.

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency, on the other hand, takes care of everything because they’ll already have people educated and aligned for the task.. Your marketing efforts can start in a few days to a week without difficulty.

Engagement and Activities

They believe marketing is both an art and a science that works together. There are many activities you may engage in as part of your blockchain marketing strategy. And to achieve its aim, each will require individual attention and a distinct mindset.

To put it another way, you’ll need various expertise to get the job done properly. Hiring a blockchain marketing firm has the extra benefit of allowing you to hire a pool of professionals right away, with the flexibility of involving them as needed. This diversity of experience cannot be maintained in-house, putting your skills or cost at risk.

Content and Price

Cost is a major concern when determining whether to employ or outsource. The cost of the item is paid in both monetary and temporal terms. We’ve established that employing and streamlining a marketing staff will cost money in both directions, and even then, it won’t be able to meet all of your needs.

Hiring a blockchain marketing agency may be more pricey in terms of money, but it will save you time, which you can utilize to win more business faster.

So, if I start a blockchain firm, should I hire an agency or build an internal team?

To summarize, deciding whether to hire a blockchain marketing firm or build your team is a difficult task. And, to be honest, it shouldn’t be viewed as a decision between the two. Both offer benefits, some of which are exclusive to one of them. As an effect, both of them are vital in the long run.

So, if you’re a newcomer to the blockchain sector, start by hiring a crypto marketing agency. Time is a more worthwhile resource than capital, yet it is irreplaceable. You should recruit internal people that can coordinate, strategize, and interact with the agency as your company expands. You may expand it to include operating aspects of the process.

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