Why You Should Buy A Wooden Boat

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Although a wooden boat that is professionally built is lightweight, sturdy and structural sound, newly built wooden boats aren’t as commonplace today as they once were. 

However, wooden boats are pretty popular in the second-hand market and obviously at more pocket-friendly prices than new ones. For the Antique wooden boat lover, this market can offer up a trove of treasures. You can find recently built wooden boats to boats that date as far back as 100 years. 

Wooden boats come in a variety of styles and designs and so you don’t have to worry about finding one that will suit your needs. Just visit any brokerage site and you will be impressed by the selection of wooden boat options available; yachts, game fishing launches, traditional pleasure boats, working boats such as fishing trawlers, and gin palaces! 

Benefits Of A Wooden Boat 

While technology may help cars and improve computers, there are some things that are better left old fashioned and sailboats just might be one of those things. Here’s why: 

Wooden Boats Are More Stylish 

For many, this might not really matter but there is just something about a professionally finished wooden hull that is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly appealing to sail on. The sight of teakwood against a body of water brings so much beauty to sailing. Fibreglass while having more colour customisation doesn’t bring as much beauty to sailing as a wooden boat does. 

Wooden Boats Are Sturdier 

A wooden boat is better balanced on water, therefore it feels more solid. The weight of wood on water also makes the Wooden Boat a little bit safer than its fibre counterpart. Ask any experienced sailor, and he will tell you that sailing on a wooden boat is by far the best experience. 

Wooden Boat Are More Customisable 

A wooden boat is easier to modify than a fibreglass boat. If you would like to make some adjustments to your boat, all you require is lumber treated for boat use and a little know-how. However, making adjustments to a Fiberglass glass boat would either not be possible or require the services of a specialist and this would cost you a lot of money in comparison to your wooden boat. 

Wooden Boats Are More Damp Resistant 

Wood is able to absorb and release water, therefore, a wooden sailboat will actually get less condensation and dampness on it than a fibreglass boat. This means less dampness to deal with inside and out. A dry boat is easier and more fun to work with. 

Wooden Boats Are Easier To Maintain 

Newly built wooden sailboat boats come with the same technology and require less maintenance than its fibreglass counterparts. Fibreglass boats also deteriorate and age very quickly no matter how well maintained they are and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Wooden boats on the other hand, properly maintained will look and new for as long as 100 years if not more. A wooden boat is an investment that you and future generations will enjoy immensely. 

Wooden Boats Are Environment–Friendly 

The production of fibreglass produces a lot of waste that is not biodegradable and by extension, an old fibreglass boat is tough to dispose of. Wood, on the other hand, is biodegradable and will not pollute the environment. 

How To Care For Your Wooden Boat 

There is a huge probability that your boat will spend more time in storage than in use. How you store your boat is a very important care component of any vessel but more for a wooden boat. Following the guidelines listed below will help you store and in turn care properly for your wooden boat. 

  1. If you choose to store your boat in a yard or on a beach then ensure they’re raised off the ground by at least a few inches. This will prevent the outer hull of your boat from damage. 
  2. Don’t leave your boat on wet grass or underneath a tree.
  3. Always drain out of Blige from your boat before storing.
  4. Don’t leave your boat near old wooden structure as they may be home rot spores. 
  5. Check your varnish and paint frequently and treat immediately when required. 
  6. Periodically Ventilate the interior of your boat. 
  7. Always drain water from your boat after it rains if your boat is kept outdoors.
  8. If kept indoors, ensure the wood isn’t allowed to dry out too much. 
  9. When possible, dock your boat on saltwater rather than freshwater. Wooden craft left afloat at sea suffers less rot than those in freshwater. 

How To Store Your Wooden Boat 

There are two ways you can store your boat: 

  1. Dry dock your boat at a boatyard and hire a shipwright to maintain it when it is not in use.  2.Do-it-yourself. Tackle the more basic stuff yourself whilst leaving the more complex jobs for professionals.

You can find all the information you need about wooden boats – sales and care – on https://www.marineservices.co.nz/wooden-boats-for-sale.

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