Buy The Best Horse Riding Equipment Online

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Are you giving serious thought about taking up horse riding? It does not matter if you want to be in competitions or just ride as a hobby, you will need the appropriate equipment to start with. We have curated a list of supplies for new owners and riders. You can buy them online from Vision Saddlery is which is known ad the best equestrian online offers.

It is not at all an exaggeration when it is mentioned that equestrianism is an expensive sport. Aside from maintaining a horse, the amount of money required to buy just the equipment can accumulate over time. Equestrian stores Ottawa lets you purchase the equipment at a reasonable rate.

If you are just starting, don’t be scared and confused by looking at the huge variety of equestrian products available in the market. If you are a professional rider, we have recommendations for you as well.

Let’s start at the very beginning! Riders who are just starting to take lessons may be hesitant to buy specialized garments. It is quite understandable to not want to spend a lot of money before you are completely sure that you want to carry on with horse riding. However, it is necessary to grab on a few necessary basic apparel and footwear. You can get hold of non-slick long pants and close-toed shoes with heel in the beginning.

When you become confident about your riding skills and want to create your own equipment collection, we have a few recommendations that you might want to try out.

First off, you would need riding pants. They go by several names like riding tights, breeches, jodhpurs and many more. These pants are completely seamless along the inside of the leg. Sometimes, they have patches of coarse material sewn around the knee area from inside. Riding pants, in general, are meant to be comfortable and keep you safe in the saddle, so beginners need not be concerned about certain types.

Riding boots come next. Also known as paddock boots, or simply boots, these are specialized footwear for horse riding with good tread and around an inch of heel height. The heel helps in preventing the rider from slipping through the stirrup causing an accident. Tall English boots can also be worn if you find it more suitable.

Gloves are something you would need for holding leather or rubber reins comfortably in the beginning especially if the reins are new and have not become soft and smooth from regular usage. Gloves also enable you to have a firm grip on the handles by preventing your sweaty hands from directly touching the handles. Wearing gloves ensures a safe ride as the sticky and sweaty palm remains on the inside.

Next, we are going to cover safety gear. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional, you are always going to need safety gears. Accidents can occur from a lot of things including the fact that horses are quite large animals with a mind of their own. Hence, it is unpredictable as to what they will do at certain times.

You should keep helmets and safety vests with you as a protection against falling. Bike helmets are not suitable for riding, so go for specialize helmets.

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