Buying the Right Belt that Goes for Perfect Dressing – Way for Perfect Fit Belts

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When it comes to updating personality, belt becomes a far most crucial part of the accessory for men. Actually, men will feel incomplete leaving their home without wearing belt. Regarding fashion, Perfect Fit Belts are one of the litmus test one has to go through. Choosing and purchasing a belt is not a rocket science, though. A good knowledge and sense of fashion regarding the brand will help you to purchase the perfect kind of belt that goes for your dressing.

Guide to choose the right belt for men

Now, a best belt will not only hold your trouser but will also lift your personality to a whole new level. In this article, you will find a short guidance to help you choose the right belt for men.

  • Belts width defines occasion to wear

Select belt buckle wisely as per the occasion. With the changing fashion, the style of buckle also changes; so go for it likewise.

  • Match belt color and fabric with shoes

You have to match belt color, texture and fabric with shoes and if you have high polishes shoes, then go for glossy looking belt. The branded belts are known because of their highest textures and quality making them look comfort and luxurious. In case of canvas attire, you can opt for canvas belt that are found in large numbers. They go well with the leather shoes and watch.

  • For perfect belt length choose 3rd belt hole

A golden thumb rule is to tuck the dress belt inside your 3rd belt loop without making a bulge gap. Now, skipping two holes at end is a good idea as this ensures the length not to be more and not bringing out an awkward look. Here, you can ensure the belt size to know which belt to opt on your apparel.

  • Thumb rule for ideal length of belt

It is crucial that the length of belt must be larger than your waist. It should be few inches to the left of the buckle after wearing. Thumb rule to get perfect waist length is to buy 1.5 inch bigger than your actual waist size or your jeans size.

Some interesting tips on wearing French cuff shirts

Double check the wearing style – Ensure that the cuff link is always worn with French cuff only.

The visibility rule – One crucial rule is to keep a quarter to half an inch of sleeve visible even after wearing the jacket.

Decide on the type of cuff shirt – You can get an understanding on various kinds of cuff shirts. Few types of shirts entail convertibles cuffs, link cuffs and entail button.

Choose jacket wisely – You can find a huge number of designs available for the jackets. The jacket style does range from formal to casual depending on the time and occasion of the event to be worn.

Jacket is a must – Wearing a jacket completes the look of French Cuff Shirts. This is a much needed if you are going to wear it for formal occasion.

Finally, all these rules are explained here with a clear objective to make men aware of the proper styling strategies with respect to French cuff shirts. You can find a variety of it both online and in offline platform and avail the shirts and style them in the perfect way with your personality type.

Samuel is a clothing technology expert and a big propagator of a range of mens clothing and accessories. His taste in Perfect Fit Belts is impeccable and advises precious. He loves to write about fashion that men have these days and have written about man trendy topics to make your today’s fashion statement findings less hectic.

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