Buying vs Hiring Industrial Atex Vacuums

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Construction sites emit a lot of dust especially silica dust as it involves cutting of rocks, bricks etc. This hazardous dust is a life threat for the workers at the site. It often becomes airborne from cutting/drill exercises on site, and is known to provoke diseases like lung cancer, asthma and so on. The ultimate solution to promote a healthy working environment for your workers is usage of ATEX rated industrial vacuum cleaners. One of the finest industrial cleaning equipment provider in UK, furnishes you with a range of vacuum cleaners, scrubbers and oscillators. Since industrial vacuums are quite costly because of their high-end purpose, some people prefer to buy it while others choose to rent it.

Benefits of Buying Industrial Vacuums

The high- end Huuvan HV550-ACS industrial ATEX vacuums for harmful substances comprise of a list of advantages which compel you to own one for your work place.

  • Ergonomic and industrial design that safeguards side channel blowers from any damage
  • Comes with accessories for air speed of 90mm, 70mm and 50mm
  • Better suction cleaning for heavy material and large areas
  • Can be operated both as a stand-alone equipment as well as in concatenation with a fixed cleaning system
  • Filter efficiency of 99.995%
  • Comes with the Filter Auto Clean System (ACS) – where the filters automatically are cleaned one at a time, while the vacuum cleaner is running, to save any downtime, and to ensure the suctions remains strong, and effective.

Apart from this there are several fruitful features of industrial vacuums that make owning them the best option for your construction site.

Pros of Hiring ATEX Certified Industrial Vacuums

The juxtaposition of hiring and buying industrial cleaning equipment makes it easier to decide what suits you best. Hiring an industrial vacuum has its own benefits:

  • You don’t have to allot a space specifically for its storage when the building project is finished.
  • There is no stress of maintenance of the machine – full service contracts are included as part of every hire contract.
  • It allows you to try different cleaning equipment for your industry.

One of the leading cleaning machine provider in UK offers short term as well as long term rental services. It has helped several industries in maintaining their construction sites, warehouses in terms of cleanliness. Their short term rental policy allows you to hire a cleaning equipment for one week at any location in UK. While as per their long term rental services you can enjoy a lot many other facilities. So, if you are in a fix to hire or buy ATEX certified industrial vacuum choose the cleaning machine provider wisely. The best company that sells, rents industry cleaning equipment, can also suggest you the machine as per your requirement – ‘Crescent Industrial’ ( Call them today!

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