Can Bathroom Renovation Work Truly Boost Home Value?

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People always prefer bathroom remodeling because a major overhaul can prove expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. Despite being the smallest place in a home, if you think thoroughly, we actually spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. Not only that, but it is also a place that is shared with guests and friends who visit our home. So the bathroom actually can define your way of living, a clean and elegant one will surely trace a good impression on others. If your bathroom is in dire need of renovation, then you can connect with bathroom remodeling Gaithersburg MD.

But if you are planning to sell your house, does the idea of renovating the bathroom sound beneficial? Will bathroom remodeling result in even a single percent spike of your home value? 


It might amuse you, but according to the National Association Of Realtor’s(NAR), a middle scale expenditure on bathroom renovation, which is about $20,000, at the time of resale might recoup 67.2% of their costs. Therefore, not only it is a wise investment but also will get to have a really nice bathroom. So, all the fuss and inconvenience will feel lighter if you focus on the end results.


Illustrating the fact mentioned above visually:

Cost: $20,420

Resale value: $13,717

According to the above speculations, it surely is a good decision to get your bathroom renovated, and for that, you can approach bathroom remodeling Gaithersburg MD. Now comes the question, to what extent you want to remodel or renovate your bathroom?

We advise you to remodel it from scratch again, floors and ceilings would have to go in order to rebuild your place. It might sound overwhelming and you must be thinking–” why to go for that at all when I can fix only the flaws.”

Sure, you can do that too but if resale value is very high and when you have finally made up your mind, then why don’t you build it from scratch.

Where to start investing from?

Before starting any design process just make sure that there is nothing wrong with the core of your home. Sound plumbing, heating, and electrical service should be inspected before demolition is done. Now before handing out the work to the designers like bathroom remodeling Gaithersburg MD, consider these: do you want a separate tub/sink? Are the fixtures outdated? Any change in vanity and faucets?

After noting down your preferences, it’s time to make a realistic budget that totally depends on how much you can afford. The budget is directly proportional to the type of bathroom it is for. For example, if it’s for kids, then the bathroom should be bright and fun. A master bedroom can have a rather luxe, relaxing resort-like design.

Correct lighting choices such as beautifying or accent lighting, offers elegance to the bathroom. Another accessory for your bathroom enhancement is the vanity mirror, giving your bathroom an illusion of a bigger space than what it actually is. There are tonnes of designs, the color of walls and open shelves for items to display that can add a really soothing and lavish feel to your bathroom.

Corner bathroom vanities like a Pedestal sink or Vanity cabinet also enhances the look and feel of the bathroom. Pedestal sink comes in really lovely designs and most of them adapt to the corners efficiently.

Flooring can also give a dramatic change to your bathroom. Especially the radiant heat mats are really soothing if you are planning to invest a good sum of money. Flooring designs and patterns are available in wide ranges. The average cost per square foot of bathroom flooring is about 130 rupees as per Indian rupees.

In the end, it’s your choice to renovate your bathroom or not. But according to us, bathroom renovation does boost up the aesthetics of the house and add value to a great extent.