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When machining, creating holes with precision is a more difficult task than one might imagine. Between spot drilling, piloting, axial drilling, milling, and chamfering, a wide number of cutting tools can be needed just to create a simple hole accurately. Having the correct tools for the job is important to produce precise results. Having drill bits of the proper length and constructed from solid carbide can help make the process of drilling your workpieces easier. If you need to Buy Carbide Drills for your shop, Online Carbide has a line of high-quality options for you.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of high-performance carbide cutting tools. Instead of operating on the middleman dependant model most industry leaders use, Online Carbide helps their customers save by offering manufacturer direct pricing. All of their tools are made using the same robot fed 5 axis CNC grinders as other top brands. They also only make their tools from quality solid carbide stock.

When it comes to drill bits and other high-speed cutting tools, metal is not the best option. At high speeds, metal tools will naturally oscillate and produce chatter. This can even cause the drill to miss the mark and ruin your workpiece. Tools made of carbide have greater stability which makes them ideal for high-speed machining.

While carbide tools look like they are made of metal, they are in reality a mixture of metal and ceramic. The “carbide” used in carbide tools is most commonly tungsten carbide. This material is composed of equal parts of carbon and tungsten. In its raw form, tungsten carbide is a grey powdered ceramic. When cemented together with cobalt metal as a binder, a cermet (ceramic metal) material is created which is colloquially known as carbide.

This cermet material offers several advantages over its constituent components. They have the rigidity of ceramic carbide, and the strength of metal to avoid any brittleness. The ceramic content also provides excellent edge retention and makes carbide tools ideal for cutting harder materials like steel. For milling drill bits, the main appeal of carbide is its stability. Because these bits are less likely to oscillate at high RPMs, they can drill accurately without significant risk of walking off your mark.

At Online Carbide, you can buy carbide drills including spot drills, stub drills, jobber drills, and drill mills. Each of these tools fulfills a specific purpose and is a must-have for machinists.

● Spot Drills – These drills are used to mark the point where you will be drilling with a small dimple to prevent your bits from walking off the mark and ruining your workpiece

● Stub Drills – These extremely short bits are used for drilling small holes or working with extremely thin materials

● Jobber Drills – Jobber drill bits feature a length that most users will find familiar, as they are regularly used in applications outside of mill working.

● Drill mills – A combination of a drill bit and an end mill, these unique cutting tools feature a flute profile similar to an end mill, but with the pointed tip of a drill bit. These tools can serve several functions that would normally require tool changes.

If you are looking to buy carbide drills, you can find all of these options at Online Carbide. Their team can also help your business create custom drill bits and end mills from the highest quality carbide stock. If your cutting tools are starting to wear down or you need to expand your collection of end mills and bits, you can save big with Online Carbide’s amazing pricing on all of their tools.

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