practicing yoga

Yoga makes you healthy and happy life

Sometimes in life, you may feel trapped. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to come out of a difficult phase and move forward. It feels like your feet are stuck in concrete, and each way you turn to, the doors are closed, friends turn their back, and you alone feel alone and lost.
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Benefits of Meditation and Yoga Practice

Yoga and meditation are the most popular exercise methods which are being practiced by people for overcoming stress and anxiety. Sacred yoga gurus from India have introduced yoga. Conversely, some forms of meditation also came from India. Both of these practices have proven to be very effective. There is increasing popularity of yoga and meditation
Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of doing yoga before sleeping at night

Since the study of various aspects and health benefits of Yoga in today’s lifestyle, we all are appreciating the different versions of this ancient science for its own change in various fields where the aim is to finally provide us with a healthy body and a better living. We all are known to practicing Yoga