Causes and Prevention of Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is basically softening of the enamel which happens over time. When the hard and protective layer of the tooth – enamel – softens, it leads to cavities where your teeth starts to crack or brittle away gradually. Poor oral hygiene combined with bad food choice is often the reason behind tooth decay.

Similarly, in most of the cases, the acids produced by bacteria are responsible for weakening of the enamel. If your oral care is not up to the mark, tooth decay will happen. It also occurs where brushing and flossing is not done and foods containing carbohydrates allowed to stay trapped between teeth.

The trapped foods or debris then lead to formation of plaque bacteria which generate acid-laden by-products in the teeth and lead to creation of tiny hopes called cavities. When timely treatment is not done, the very small holes or cavities can get bigger in size and scale to destroy the whole teeth.

Clearly, you can see how tooth decay is the result of what you eat and how much care your provide to your teeth. Eating too much of sugary items, sticky foods and sweet beverages are thus among the major causes of cavities. In fact, the risk of tooth decay is directly in proportion to the amount of sugar consumed.

Since sugar-laded foods are responsible for acid production in mouth, you should take attempt to eat right and avoid this dental problem. You should also avoid eating foods and drinks that can cling to your teeth. All foods containing sugars can lead to plaque build up and you need to cut back of their intake.

Similarly, frequent snacking is also a risk factor for your teeth as then the acid in them will have more time to cause damage to the teeth. That’s why dentists encourage people to brush right after each meal to remove plaque and minimize chances of cavities.

In some cases, receding gums are also a major cause of tooth decay as then plaque formation can happen near the teeth roots where enamel is not available to provide protection. For that reason, you should take care of gums as well to have healthy and strong teeth forever.

It’s however possible to prevent tooth decay and maintain the health and vigour of your teeth forever. First of all, you should start eating healthy where the focus is always on avoiding sugary items and replacing them with a healthy diet.

You must also brush, floss, rinse and clean the tongue daily without ever missing a session to not allow formation and build up of plaque. If possible, brush twice a day or brush after every meal to not let any food stay stuck between the teeth. Dentists also advise brushing regularly with a fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Flossing should be part of your daily oral care regimen as brushing alone is never adequate in keeping out foods from between the teeth. Plus, the hard bristles of a toothpaste can’t reach deep whereas flossing can clean between the teeth. Tongue cleaning will also help in fighting off all the bacteria that

You should also consider changing the toothbrush every two to three months as newer bristles will always remove more plaque than older ones. In some cases, tooth decay can also be caused due to the deep grooves and pits in the teeth. To avoid them, sealants can be applied by the dentist and risks minimized.

In addition, the use of fluoride supplements can also prove handy in reducing the risk of tooth decay. When this mineral is added in water or when a fluoride rinse is used on regular basis, it helps teeth protected from the risk of cavities and bacteria. So, consult best dentist middle village and maintain oral health.

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