Things you need to know related to your tyre before going on a road trip

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Who doesn‘t love a road trip with their friends, family, loved ones or just you alone a road trip can help you take some time off from your busy schedule and connect with each other if you are in a group and with your inner soul if you are a lone traveler. The journey itself is an experience rather than the destination. Hence, one must always in his lifetime go for a road trip.

Okay, so you decided you and your friends gathered you hop into the car you drove a few miles and whoa! There is a flat tyre and all of a sudden the level of enthusiasm decreases among the group, now know one would want that. So, here a list of few things one must check regarding their tyre before heading out for the trip. These are as follows:-


Be it a road trip, or your daily travel to the office. One must always check for the pressure of the tyre.  

Not only does it affects the fuel-efficiency, but also affects the handling and breaking of your vehicle and hence putting your safety in jeopardy, which is the last thing you want on a road trip.


A tyre should have at least 2/32 inch of tread depth and anything lesser than that makes the tire eligible to be replaced. 


Each tyre may wear differently sometimes the front tyre would wear first and vice-versa, the best things is to have the tyres rotated. As, it is affordable and if the tyres wear uniformly your vehicle will perform better and offer better fuel efficiency. 


Misaligned wheels can not only cause uneven wear, but also these can affect the steering and tracking problems which can cause deathly accidents and hence it is advised to have the wheels aligned regularly.

These, are a few things you should keep a check on to avoid any obstacles on the road-trip. So, you keep these things in mind and you inspect your tyre and find it has been punctured, that is where Door2Door tyre fitting service comes in, which is a mobile tyre service to help you provide with the best tyre puncture repair or replacement of tyre. 

They have a large variety of branded tyres and their aim is to give you the best tyres at a great price they also offer fast mobile tyre fitting service. 

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