Cloud Computing- The Digital Storage Unit!

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For a long time, storage has been an issue when it comes to electronic devices. The pioneer computers had hold not more than a few Megabytes. But things have come a long way since. Modern-day hardware can store Terabytes worth of data. But is this enough? Wouldn’t you appreciate unlimited storage space? Where can you store whatever you cant and can access anytime you want?

The only problem with physical storage devices is the risk of damage. Storage devices like pen drives can suffer physical damage. And in conditions like these, the data stored on such devices becomes unrecoverable. What’s gone is gone forever! Another scenario is when you lose your flash drive or another storage device. Again, all your data is lost! Can you afford to take that risk?

Thanks to technology and cyber development, you don’t need to rely on physical storage devices anymore. You can now store everything on the cloud!

What are Cloud Backup services?

Cloud backup is a modern-day miracle which allows you to store everything in the form of digital files on the internet. You can convert all your physical data into a virtual format and upload it to the cloud. The best thing about using Cold Backup is the extensive security and accessibility that you get.

You can easily access the cloud via different Cloud Backup service providers. This is like buying a storage unit on the internet. Here you can store all your data and put a lock on it. Cloud Backup services allow you to access your data whenever you want. And this is made possible only through an encrypted pathway. The high security of the encryption pathway ensures that your data is safe on the cloud and no access by other users.

Cloud Subscriptions

Just like you rent a storage locker, you rent a definite amount of space on the cloud. Your Cloud Backup service provider will charge you based on the space rented out and the duration. Only here you measure the space in Gigabytes or more. Cloud Backup services are more of a countermeasure against calamity in small and medium-sized businesses. Whereas for enterprise-level businesses, Cloud backup is the only means of backup.

Most service providers charge a monthly or yearly fee. You can choose a plan that suits your needs and go forward with it. To begin with, you need to create an account in association with your service provider. Once you have completed all payments, space in the form of Gigabytes is rented out to you. The best thing is, the internet has no limits, and you can rent out as much space as you want! It all depends on your needs and discretion.

Benefits of using Cloud Backup Services

It would be stupid to ask, why is cloud backup so popular? Everybody knows this is because of the unlimited storage and easy accessibility that cloud storage offers. And you don’t need to worry about storage hardware. Cloud was brought into existence to fight to cons of physical storage devices. And the two most common issues with hardware are the predisposition to damage and the risk of loss.

But with the cloud, you don’t need to worry about anything. Once you have stored your data on your cloud-based server, it is safe. You can access it anytime and from anywhere. All you need to do is enter your login details. And the best thing is you can download your data whenever you need it. Cloud Backup services not only stores your data but allows you to use it in the time of need.

There is another interesting benefit of using the cloud as a storage destination. If your access cloud regularly to backup all your things, you can adjust the cloud settings to automatic. This means that, at a defined time, the cloud would automatically backup all your data. So in case you forgot to backup your data last night, don’t worry. The cloud is smart enough to take care of things for you.

What is cloud-based computing?

Cloud-based computing refers to the sale of hosted services on the internet. The customer can avail of the services of his preference and use them according to need, and he would be charged accordingly. It is like- Pay for what you use! The customer can use as little or as much of a service, and he would have to pay accordingly.

The Cloud backup service provider provides all these services. This should also be noted that cloud-based computing is of two types- public and private. A public cloud service available to everyone on the internet, whereas a private cloud service is made available only to a select few.


Data loss is no longer just a data loss. It is somehow related to monetary loss or research loss. You cannot afford to lose data, no matter what! SO, why wait, adopt cloud computing and backup services. Now you can store everything on the internet, where it will be safe from loss and theft!

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