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Whenever there is any legal dispute in New Hampshire, you will always see that the name Cohen & Winters will always pop up. Established in 1999 when the two attorneys Jonathan and Andrew started their practice as public defenders. Cohen Winters has become a big name today when it comes to law firms in New Hampshire. 

With the experience of over 40 years, they have expanded their services to different departments of law. Their vision of presenting the best and most progressive legal advice to all their clients have helped everyone get out of their legal dispute. Since its establishment, they have served several high scale and small scale cases in different areas of practice. 

Time may get really frustrating if you get yourself in any kind of legal dispute. Thanks to Cohen & Winters in New Hampshire, who have a team of skilled attorneys working with them. Every lawyer working with Cohen & Winters has specialized in one of the practice areas that we serve. 

Our Practice Areas At Cohen & Winters, New Hampshire 

Whenever one plans to hire a lawyer in New Hampshire, there is no better place than Cohen & Winter who you can trust. We at Cohen Winters provide service in multiple practice areas. These areas include family law, criminal law, DWI / Driving cases, and personal injury cases. 

No matter what your issue is, we are here for you in need. Trusted by thousands of clients we have served over these 4 decades. We have managed to gain our name among the most reputed and trusted legal firms in New Hampshire. 

Be it an unresolved divorce case or a custody issue, we have the team of best lawyers in New Hampshire who have years of experience to handle such cases at Cohen & Winters.  This is what our family law department does. When it comes to the criminal law department, we also provide legal services for every issue be it a simple prosecution or a first-degree murder defense. We have gained our name by handling several high scale criminal cases over the past 4 decades. Our team of experienced lawyers has the ultimate goal of providing you with sound legal advice. 

So, no matter what kind of legal advice you need, if you are in need, we are always there to help you get through. All you have to do is contact us and find the best team of lawyers working for you. With our expertise, you can get the best legal service you deserve. So, if you are in any sort of dispute, our lawyers are here to help you. All you have to do is contact us in New Hampshire and we will be there for you. Our expertise in legal services has helped thousands of people over the last three decades. We have been renowned for our services be it any kind of legal case you have fallen into.

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