Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy : Why You Need Them And The Process Involved

Colposcopy and Cervical Biopsy : Why You Need Them And The Process Involved

Colposcopy is a process through which the vagina, cervix and vulva is examined with the help of some surgical tools. This is done if the test in pap smear indicates any unwanted or abnormal growth of cervical cells. Such tests are helpful in knowing if you have any type of cancerous cells inside your body. Your doctor will use a large electric microscope to see your cervix which gives detailed picture that help them in knowing about any abnormality in your is under magnification that a doctor can understand about the unwanted growth in the cervix.

If an abnormal area is being spotted at times of screening test, your doctor will then take some samples from the area which is known as biopsy. When the doctor extracts a sample from the cervix, it is called endocervical curettage (ECC). once the sample is successfully taken, it will then be sent to the lab for further investigation. A lot of women freaks out when they are told about the colposcopy but such anxieties can be eased out if they know about it thoroughly. Certain misinformation can actually increase the thought of fear and will lead to further destruction if the disease is not addressed before. The test is comfortable if the woman knows how to handle it and to an extent a doctor can minimize the painful effects of the patient.

Why your doctor will ask for a colposcopy?

Your doctor may ask for it because of the following reasons:

  • If your pap smear test has turned out to be abnormal
  • If you have excessive bleeding after intercourse
  • When the doctor finds out an unwanted or abnormal growth in your cervix

A colposcopy is very helpful in diagnosing any abnormal growth in the cervix, vulva, or vagina. When you have genital warts, colposcopy needs to be done. you will also need colposcopy if you have any type of inflammation in your cervix.

How to prepare yourself for colposcopy?

A lot of women freaks out when they are told about colposcopy. However, the process is pretty simple and quick. One only needs to know that everything will go smoothly if the patient knows the entire procedure and also knows how to perform it. Else is totally depended on the colposcopy clinic in London you will be visiting. If the doctor is experienced enough, you will have minimal discomfort but if you have seeked help from an inexperienced person, you may be having tremendous discomfort.

When you get yourself ready for the colposcopy, here’s certain things to be kept in mind: 

  • Be sure to ask your doctor about the test in detail. Don’t hesitate here as it is the job of every doctor to explain their patient regarding the test they should be performing on their patients.
  • If you are pregnant or at least doubt, you must tell this to your doctor.
  • Take out time for the test when you have heavy menstrual cycle.
  • Don’t involve in sexual intercourse or use any tampons prior to the test as it may hamper the accuracy of the result.
  • Often times biopsy are little painful and hence doctors will recommend to take over the counter pain relief meds so that the process would be painless as much as possible. You must talk to your doctor prior to the test.
  • If you want a total relief and tension free test, make sure you have emptied your bowels and bladder before the actual test. This will help in making you fully prepared for the test without any worries.

The entire process of colposcopy 

Here’s the entire process from the moment you sat on the table. Colposcopy is performed at the doctor’s clinic and will hardly take 10-20 minutes. The process is relatively simple and needs no anesthetic.

  • You will be told to lie on the table with your feet wide apart that will let the doctor have access to your cervix. The process is just similar to that of pap smear test.
  • The doctor will position the colposcope right in front of your vagina but at a certain distance. A speculum will be placed in your vagina which hold the walls of your vagina which helps the doctor to have a complete vision of your cervix.
  • The cervix and vagina will be swabbed with cotton and vinegar is used to clean the area. This solution is needed to highlight any abnormal cells which will later be monitored on the screen.
  • The colposcope will be far away from you and the doctor will take all the necessary pics of your cervix if it sees any abnormality.
  • Once the biopsy is completed, your doctor will use the solution to help control the bleeding. Dark discharge after the procedure is quite common and it stays for at least a few days. If you have a persistent discharge for some more days, you must talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

It is quite normal for women to go anxious when they enter the clinic to start the process. We never go through such things on our daily basis and hence these things are just totally fine! The only problem is when you hold it back and don’t inform the doctor about your discomfort. If you tell what you are feeling, your doctor may go slow and will make the process more comfortable for you! There might be two issues you will face, one happens when the speculum holds your vagina which will be quite uncomfortable while some had even complained about the vinegar solution that will give them some kind of weird sensation. All things considered, if you let your thoughts open, the process would be much simpler and fast.

Risks of colposcopy

The complications with biopsy and colposcopy is very rare and are treatable if happened. These are:

  • You may experience heavy bleeding after the colposcopy. It may last for 2 or more than two weeks.
  • You may have fever or chills after the test.
  • Chances of having infection is minimal though. But these things might happen if the clinic does not follow any hygiene especially when it attends one patient after another. If you have an infection, it might be in some yellow colored discharge from your vagina.
  • You may have pelvic pain for quite a long time.

If you have been onto some of these symptoms after colposcopy, you must get in touch with your gynecologist London and ask for help! These are not common and needs urgent attention. The colposcopy clinic in London follows proper hygiene which is necessary as the doctor will attend in the interior of your body hence they need to take extra caution.

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