Cruise Booking Software Helps increase sales

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If you are not selling cruises today, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to earn high commissions in a rapidly expanding sector of travel.  The cruise industry is projected to continue to grow throughout 2019 with an estimated 30+ million travelers expected to cruise, making it and the fastest-growing segment in the travel, tourism and leisure industry.  While the traditionally strong in the North America market, cruising has become increasingly popular in Europe and Australia as well as across the entire Asia Pacific region.   Cruising in the Asia market has been surging ahead with passenger numbers doubling over the past four years to over 3 million.  Unfortunately, regional travel agents have been missing out on the wave of sales revenue due to a lack of automation, a scenario that has recently begun to change.

The ability to quickly and easily combine cruise booking software with flight reservations and hotel accommodations into a single custom travel package can be critical in the Australia and Asian markets.  The majority of passengers coming from these markets require more than just a cruise booking to complete their itinerary, which can be a time consuming and complex to complete.  Matching up a specific cruise departure time with international flight arrivals and ground transportation can be overwhelming even for an experienced agent.  Adding a hotel along with any other products for a pre or post stay can just add to the complexity.  But today’s dynamic packaging solutions allow agents and consumers to build their own unique travel packages with live pricing and availability for cruises, flights, and hotels as well as other travel products. Custom packaging solutions allow agency owners to pre-package a travel itinerary to be sold online accessing supplier content Live using an agency’s specific ID.

The right technology partner can help your travel business drive efficiency through innovation.

Cruise lines have turned ships into destinations in their own right and cruise booking software requires the integration of detailed photo galleries, deck plans, and even videos to highlight their distinct features and amenities.  The cruise line, cruise ship, and cabin descriptions need to be part of cruise booking software and linked to media files & rich content such as cabin photos, ship images, and deck plans to assist Users during the research, shopping and booking process.

Cruise booking software with a powerful business rule feature can make adjusting a product’s selling price easy and allow you to easily administer targeted sales or promotions to remain competitive.  Availability display biasing capability can give you the power to focus your business on specific cruise providers or ships and potentially put you on the path to earn higher commissions.

Connecting the dots between suppliers and customers can be a complex process for any size travel business.  Finding cruise booking software with the right combination of features for your travel business can be a difficult and critical decision to make.  Finding a technology partner that can help you drive efficiency through innovation can be even more important.

The capacity to rapidly and effectively consolidate cruise booking software with flight reservations and lodging facilities into a solitary custom travel bundle can be basic in Australia and Asian markets.  most of the travelers originating from these business sectors require something beyond a cruise booking to finish their schedule, which can be tedious and complex to complete.  Coordinating up a particular cruise takeoff time with global flight appearances and ground transportation can be overpowering in any event, for an accomplished agent.  Including an inn alongside some other items for a pre or post stay can simply add to the complexity.  However, the present powerful bundling arrangements enable specialists and shoppers to manufacture their own one of kind travel bundles with live valuing and accessibility for cruises, flights, and inns just as other travel items. Custom packaging solutions enable organization proprietors to pre-bundle a movement agenda to be sold web-based getting to provider content Live utilizing an office’s particular ID.

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