Dermaplaning Myths That One Shouldn’t Believe

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Dermaplaning is one of the favorite and trending skin care treatments today. However, it is also highly misunderstood by many. Although most people are confused, perplexed, and yet comfortable using chemical peels and serums, they may have been wary of trying dermaplaning due to all the myths associated with it. Essentially, dermaplaning in OKC is a simple exfoliation technique that one could choose to do at a clinic or with user-friendly devices that you can find on the market or buy at dermaplaning OKC clinics.

  • MYTH 1 – Peach Fuzz Grows Back Thicker & Darker

Let’s get rid of this myth, once and for all. Shaving off hair – no matter where on the body, doesn’t grow back thicker or darker. A majority of people tend to believe that hair grows back thicker after it is shaved off. It is biologically impossible for the hair to grow that way as a result of shaving. However, what makes it seem thicker or darker is the fact that hair, when shaved, is cut at an angle or bluntly, which creates a blunt tip; this makes one feel as though the hair that grows back is thicker, which is contrary to the truth. The illusion of darker and thicker hair comes from the hair on the skin, anywhere on the body, being cut blunt. 

  • MYTH 2 – Dermaplaning in OKC will Cause Many Breakouts

Just as any exfoliation technique, going for a dermaplaning in OKC aids in preventing breakouts rather than inducing them. Another thing to note is that dermaplaning cannot and will not be performed on skin that has active acne. How does it prevent the causation of pimples? The removal of the top layer of dead skin cells prevents the cells from being trapped within the pores of the skin. The lesser that dead skin on the skin barrier, the fewer the number of breakouts. Exfoliating the skin gently makes it easier for the dermaplaning and easier to also treat acne by letting serums penetrate deep into the skin. 

  • MYTH 3 – Dermaplaning is Painful

Dermaplaning is by far the least painful way to help remove facial hair or dead skin – especially since it is compared to other harsher hair removal techniques such as sugaring, threading, and even waxing. Suppose shaving one’s underarms isn’t painful, then why expect it to hurt when it’s done on the face. In fact, dermaplaning in OKC feels rather like a gentle tickle or a mere brush stroke across the face. 

  • MYTH 4 – Dermaplaning is not for Darker Skin Tones

Although exfoliation techniques such as scrubs aren’t recommended for darker-skinned people, dermaplaning is 100% safe for them. It is a manual type of exfoliation, just as a facial scrub; however, it doesn’t irritate and irritate the skin as the scrub does. Neither will it lead to hyperpigmentation and is, therefore, the best exfoliation technique for those with a darker complexion. 

These are some of the myths that one shouldn’t believe about dermaplaning. Also, suppose you are considering going for a dermaplaning service. In that case, you may also want to try spray tanning in Oklahoma city, as it is the best combination of services that you can avail of. 

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