Different Firewood Variants to Expect from an Authorized Seller

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Whenever we search for firewood, our main objective is always to get the best quality stock.

It is a general perception that hardwood comprises higher quality features as compared to softwood. To an extent, it is true because the molecules of hardwood are tightly packed and you will get a long consistent fire with less smoke. However, don’t forget to respect that some softwoods are also suitable for burning. Before buying a stock, make sure whether you need them for indoor or outdoor purpose. Some species of the word produces a good amount of fire and once quickly but also produces a lot of carbon. Consequently, the inner walls of your house may get dark in just a few weeks. Before placing an order, you need the knowledge of different kinds of firewood variants available at the authorized stores. Scroll down to gain some crucial information regarding the same concern.

1. Hardwood 

Hardwood is generally obtained from evergreen trees that have solid wood utilized for furniture manufacturing. After using the useful parts of a tree for valuable furniture, the remaining material is sold as hard firewood. A cord of hardwood will have the highest value if you compare with other options. Different regions have different hard firewood options such as ironbark & redgum will be available in hot regions whereas birch & maple in cold regions. While ordering your cord, always check the trees options they are providing. Make sure that the particular tree is also available in your locality otherwise consider it fake.

2. Softwood

The softwood trees contain a high amount of water and the weight reduces surprisingly after seasoning. It is not considered as an ideal op[tion of fuel because of the poor flame quality. Soft firewood exhausts too quickly and you may also have to compromise with the consistency of flame. Some species of cheap firewood in Sydney such as pine trees burn quickly but not suitable if you want them for indoor. If not another option is left, it is advisable to check the specifications of a tree before placing an order.

3. Mixed stock

Many sellers offer mixed hardwood stock that contains different species of trees. Such kinds of cords are cheaper than the firewood stock of a single tree. If you are ordering from a genuine seller, ask them to mix the wood according to your instructions. For instance, the mixed stock of Ironbark & Redgum because both of them are the species of eucalyptus and burns excellently. A mixed firewood box for sale is much affordable than single hardwood tree.

4. Kindling firewood

Kindling firewood is the basic requirement for burning because you cannot directly start with heavy logs. The wood for kindling is perfectly seasoned as well as split into very thin units. After splitting, it catches fires instantly just wit the help of match sticks. If you are arranging fuel stock for camping purpose from black forest firewood sellers, never miss considering 4-5 kg of kindling wood. It is the basic need for initiating a fire in both dry & wet regions.

5. Eco firewood

The eco-friendly firewood is a modern approach to meet the requirement of natural wood of trees. Rather than separating from trunk & branches, manufacturers use biological waste to give it a proper shape. Sawdust & agricultural waste are the basic ingredients of eco-firewood. They are useless unless someone process through a machine. The final product is as productive as hard firewood. You can easily avail this firewood delivery in Sydney because even the household products selling e-commerce websites are also providing it online.

These are some of the most popular firewood options that you can expect from an authentic seller. It is advisable to go with the option of eco-firewood if the stock of hard firewood is not available. You can avail the stock of eco-friendly firewood in various shapes & sizes such as large logs, medium bricks or tiny pellets.

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