Different Types Of Commercial Slabs And Their Benefits

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One of the most common and popularly used structural elements in buildings is commercial slabs. Such kind of slabs provide the much necessary support to the buildings. The basic functionality of a commercial slab includes providing a flat surface, to support the load of the structure, to provide insulation from sound, fire, and heat, and lots more. Basically, a slab is made up of concrete to provide the necessary support to the floors, ceilings, roof decks, etc. A building or any structure cannot be made without the support of such kinds of slabs.

There are almost sixteen types of commercial slabs some of which are,  one-way slab, one-way ribbed slab, waffle slab, flat plate, flat slab, hollow core slabs, and the list goes. In order to create such slabs, three types of concrete mixtures are used i.e. fast-setting concrete, crack-resistant concrete, and high-strength concrete.


Generally, thick and broad commercial slabs are used to construct ceilings and floors whereas thin slabs are used for exterior paving. The thin commercial slabs are often referred to as mud slabs.

In most of the construction work, domestic and commercial, thick commercials slabs are used on the foundation or on the subsoil to build ground flooring. While constructing tall buildings and skyscrapers thin commercial slabs are used. Commercial slabs are available in varying sizes and thicknesses. Based on their size, commercial slabs are used for different purposes in construction work.

  • Leaner slabs: Leaner commercial slabs are easily available and are generally used for building a terrace in the house premises. It elevates the look of the house and serves its function as a patio.
  • Medium slabs: Medium-sized commercial slabs offer many possibilities in construction work. You can choose to use these medium-sized slabs in the construction sites or get them fabricated and beautified and use them inside the homes. Mostly, these slabs are used to make false floorings.
  • Large slabs: Large commercial slabs are generally used for large projects like construction of a garage or a pet place. Any construction activity that demands large dimensions, can use large concrete slabs for the same.
  • Commercial slabs are preferred by interior designers as they do not retain moisture and dampness. Wood needs to be regularly polished, marble needs to be cleaned while floorboards have to be regularly waxed but commercial slabs are easy to maintain and offer a cooling effect during the summer months.


Outlined Below Are Some Of The Other Uses Of Commercial Slabs.

  • House renovations: For renovating a home. You can use concrete slabs for the flooring, ceiling, and patio. These concrete slabs offer support and a solid base which  last long. You should find a professional who will use to add a new charm to the flooring which will last for a couple of years.
  • Concrete floors: Concrete floors are very durable as commercial slabs are used to make it. Concrete is one of the least expensive materials and extremely easy to maintain. Most homes are built with concrete and later there are additions of vinyl, timber, and others. You can polish the concrete floor as per your choice and it will help the cost of other interior works like lighting and so on.
  • Versatile Use: Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to removing stains. Commercial concrete slabs can be used to replace wooden and marble planks. The look it gives is very elegant and it is a very versatile material as you can shape it as per your choice and add your favorite color to it. Apart from being durable and versatile, it is easily available in different shapes and sizes.

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