How to Pack for an International Move

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There are many reasons why you might need to move abroad; a new job, more career opportunities or family obligations among them. Whatever the reason, this marks a fresh start in an entirely new environment, and certain preparations need to be taken to make the transition smoother. You will have to make several important decisions and complete some tedious tasks to shift your home abroad. After all, moving your personal belongings from one country to another is not at all like interprovince shipping. An international move consists of awkward flight schedules, a bunch of heavy suitcases and seemingly endless packing, all of which is time-taking and costly. These packing tips can help you considerably when you move internationally.

3 Useful Packing Tips for Relocating Internationally

Here is how to pack your belongings to be shipped to a new location.

1.    Manage Your Time Efficiently

The primary thing you need to do for an international move is to plan the entire process. This may take several weeks. Start by writing down the items you think you need to pack when moving overseas. This will cut down the time needed for planning and preparing.

2.    Take Only Necessary Items

The next thing to do is make a list of the necessities for your current living condition. The fewer things you take along, the easier your relocation will be. It also makes keeping track of your possessions easier and cuts down on shipping charges. The best way to do this is to reduce the number of items to be shipped to the bare minimum. To do this efficiently you need to take various factors into account.

  • Your New Lifestyle

It all depends on your lifestyle. The purpose of your relocation will determine which items you absolutely cannot live without. If you are moving to a new country to study, books and study materials are going to be mandatory. However, relocation to a rural country may require you to take all your high-tech gadgets to keep you occupied.

  • Your New Residence

Your new home is going to impact the kind of household items you pack.  You cannot accommodate all your belongings in a smaller home, therefore bringing only the most practical ones with you is best.

If you are staying in a partly furnished rental, you won’t need any gardening equipment. Corporate housing generally comes fully furnished, reducing the need to transport any household items. It all comes down to the type of accommodation you will be staying in, so research your housing options well before choosing the appropriate one – if you can choose – and pack accordingly. 

  • Climate

This is an extremely important factor. You may or may not need certain items based on the weather of your new location. If you are moving to a much warmer climate, there is no need to carry long coats and fur-lined boots. On the other hand, in a dry climate, you would be smart to avoid taking fine furniture, while a high-moisture climate can damage antiques.

  • Non-Allowable Items

Each country has its own rules, and what is eligible in one place may not be in another. Therefore, when you cross borders find out beforehand which items you can import and what you must leave behind. The best thing you can do is get in touch with the embassy of your new country. Visiting their website should give you all the necessary information. Learn all you can about its import restrictions, customs fees and any other duties applicable to your items.

3.    Seek Help from Shipping Services

Along with the above-mentioned packing tips, you also need to choose a shipping service for safe and timely delivery of your possessions. Reliable shipping agencies can move everything you need to take with you. For fragile items like crockery, glassware or furniture, it is best to choose movers experienced in handling such items. For shifting documents or your personal book collection, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit will prove beneficial.

In the end, always remember to only carry the items that have the most practical, sentimental and monetary value. If you are going to a new location to live, you will likely be able to find what you need there. Simply pack what you feel will be difficult to find in the new locale. Sort out the necessary things, pack them properly and you are all set for your new journey.

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