Different Types Of Natural Fibre Rugs

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A lot of people use natural fibre-based items for their homes. It is majorly because of the reason that it not only provides environmental benefits but also gives a unique and interesting look to the house. It has a unique element that separates it from any other kind of material or item. A huge business is being done on these natural fibre materials. A lot of people are involved in it and have been working in this industry for years. Usually, most of the natural fibres are handwoven to make different materials like rugs, carpets and mattresses etc.

Natural fibre

A fibre or a single thread of natural material is known as a natural fibre. The natural fibre is only obtained through a natural plant or item. It is very much cheap as it doesn’t require much of a modification to get it into the final product. Usually, natural fibres cost you less. Therefore, it saves a lot of money. It is considered among the most valuable resources of the world. Thus, their production is majorly on seasonal basis. Natural fibres have their own unique benefits and features. The majority of natural fibres are used to make rugs.

Natural rugs

Rugs are basically a floor covering that is usually used in the living room. It is used by a majority of people and has been considered as one of the best ways of keeping the floor safe from any kind of dust or stain. Natural rugs are quite popular right now and are part of the trend in the home décor business. Almost every interior designer is using natural rugs to make the home look much better and also give it a much more environment-friendly look and feel. Natural rugs are basically those rugs that are made from a natural fibre like sisal, jute, and seagrass, etc.

Different types of natural rugs

The following are the different types of natural rugs that are available:-

  1. Sisal rugs

These are a special type of rug that is made from the fibre obtained by the sisal plant. It is very much healthy for the environment and also has great benefits. It comes in different stylish designs so that your house looks much better.

  1. Seagrass rugs

Seagrass rugs are very popular. These are used by a lot of people. They are obtained from the natural fibre seagrass. They have a unique quality of not getting wet easily. Therefore, making them easy to maintain and clean. The stains on the seagrass rugs can be easily removed by a wet cloth. Thus, it is very much great for your house.

  1. Jute rugs

Jute rugs and one of the highly used natural rugs. They are really good in strength and provide a rugged look to your house. They have a shiny look along with a brownish texture that makes it quite unique in terms of look and feel. They are eco-friendly and are also very easily available at a much lesser cost than any other natural fibre rugs.

Thus, natural rugs are really great for your home décor and offer you great value for money.

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