Lonavala charms tourists with its fascinating natural beauty

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Lonavala has made its way into the hearts of numerous travellers with its vast expanses of natural beauty and amazing serenity. Located at a height of about 625 meters above sea level, this hill station in Pune district of Maharashtra derives its name from a Sanskrit word ‘Lonavli’, which means caves. The Lonavala climate is characterized by pleasing temperatures. Its unpolluted environs and pleasant weather has made it popular among many tourists as an ideal health resort. People arriving in this region for spending their weekends or holidays are always grateful to have left the hustle-bustle of cities behind. With breathtaking views of the Sahyadri hills and some historical attractions in the form of ancient caves and forts, it would be a perfect hill station to have a memorable vacation. Besides all the offerings that Lonavala has in store for its visitors, the delicious ‘Chikki’ is truly savored by many. It is a hardened, sweet candy, which is unique to this region.

Among the most popular attractions of this region is Bushi Dam, a great picnic spot that abounds with gushing waters during monsoons. This dam is set against the backdrop of scenic terrains and lush green vegetation. What excites visitors the most about this place are its waterfalls that come alive in the rainy season. Karla Caves also get plenty of visitors every year, as they are believed to have been built during the Buddhist period. It comprises of Buddha Viharas, where the Buddhist monks used to meditate during the ancient times. Another group of rock-cut caves called Bhaja Caves can also be found in this hill station. It contains some marvellous sculptures of animals, dancers, and armed warriors. Upon getting to the Koregad Fort, traveller can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surrounding hilly terrains. Most of its parts lie in ruins today, but adventurous individuals would love trekking to the fort. A vantage point called Duke’s Nose is a cliff located near Lonavala that offers some of the most fabulous views of downhill plains. It was named after the Duke of Wellington and is also known as ‘Nagphani’ among the locals. Tiger’s Leap is another vantage point located at a height of about 650 metres above sea-level. It appears highly attractive during the monsoons with its gorgeous waterfalls.

Except the month of May, climate of Lonavala remains largely pleasant for most parts of the year. It experiences a rainy season from the month of June to September, and this is the time when Lonavala wears a greener look. Monsoons are also the best time to enjoy the waterfalls of this region. Winters arrive in the hill station around the month of November and stay till February. Weather during this time of the year is extremely pleasant and considered perfect for tourism. Summers of Lonavala are hot, with temperatures rising up to a level of 41-Degree Celsius during the month of May. The popular resorts in Lonavala provide comfortable accommodations for travellers, and are fully-equipped with all the latest amenities.

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