Dohar: How Does It Differ From The Comforter Or Duvet

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Winters are generally cold everywhere in the world and it thus needs a warm and comfortable bed complete with cozy blankets. Thus preparing for the winter entails keeping the bedroom in sync with the requirements of the season which again leads to a huge demand of dohar sets online india.

But putting all the bedding accessories together for the winter can seem to be quite a hassle if one does not know what exactly to opt for. This confusion generally results from the different accessories used to keep one warm during the cold winter months. Thus in order to clear this up it is necessary to understand the quilt, the dohar and the comforter separately before even opting to buy dohar set online.


The comforter is quite different from the duvet and the dohar. It is not only very thick and quilted, it is also filled inside with many layers; each layer is made up of a different material like feather, silk, wool, polyester etc. It is this thickness which determines the weight of the comforter. The comforter is generally stitched so that the filling is kept secure, intact and evenly distributed. Functionally they are usually used to cover the bed as a bedspread and keep it warm under the dohar bed sheet.

Duvet or cover

Fluffy when touched and extremely comfortable, the duvet functions as a coverlet and is thus very popular across the world as a bedcover. Simply speaking the duvet looks like a pillow filled cover which is functionally adept at providing a warm feeling when in bed during the cold winter months. Originally from Europe, the duvet or the cover is usually white in colour and needs to be covered with a duvet cover to ensure its cleanliness. Innovative designing has resulted in a huge demand for the double bed dohar online so that it can also be used as a cover for the duvet thereby keeping one exceptionally warm in between the sheets.

Dohar or the quilt

Simply speaking the dohar is actually a type of blanket whose main function is to keep people warm during the cold winter months. They are either single colored or come in patterned designs and the sheer beauty of the floral patterns makes it very popular with many people wanting to buy floral dohars. Of course these dohars also have to be covered in a case either made from silk or cotton so that they can be kept clean and also to impart colour to it.

The Dohar is generally filled with either fibre or cotton and is stitched to ensure that the fillings stay securely in one place and are also evenly distributed. The warmth imparted by a filling of cotton which is a natural fibre, prompts many people to buy cotton dohar online.

The only difference which makes dohars a class apart where quilts are concerned is its style of stitching. Traditionally dohars are stitched in patches which make for a beautiful pattern on the dohar. This not only makes the dohar look nice and pretty but also imparts a softness and smoothness to the surface.

Today dohars are not only used to combat the cold winter months but also in summers as a light cover protection from the chilling cold of the air conditioner. Thus people are flocking to buy ac dohar online resulting in the sale of the dohar throughout the year.

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