Paper Office Stationery You Need in Your Office

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When running a business, every single detail matters. From the promotion and marketing of your products to customers, doing business to taking care of your employees and keeping a record of documentation while maintaining a professional look. To do that successfully, you need managers in each sector. They all have one single purpose – to work on brand awareness and develop a successful story. 

This article is dedicated to the managers of administration and office supplies. Documentation is an important part that shows how much profit is been made during the period and provides the customers with information about their purchase and shipping. Also, documentation is necessary for the employees when it comes to their salaries and bonuses.

So, here is what every company needs to have in its offices when it comes to paper solutions. 

Perforated copy paper

Perforated copy paper is very similar to the standard A4 copy paper but there are perforations across the sheet so that the user can tear away and from one document can get two or more valid sections of documents. This type of paper office supply is used as invoices, statements, pay advices, tickets, company memos, remittance advices, pay advice slips, consignment notes or brochures and so on. 

You can find standard perforated paper but you can also ask from your supplier to custom make the perforations. In addition, you can find pre-printed business forms that are to be used with several software packages. The standard weight is 80gsm and you can find it in different colours of which the plain white or blue/beige are the most common. 

Pay Envelopes

Pay Envelopes are necessary because they eliminate the need for inserting the payment details and separate envelopes and sticking address labels on them. Because of this feature, you can cut back the labour time costs in half. They have secure hatching so that they are safe and confidential. 

Usually, there are three types of pay envelopes – self-seal, peel & seal and pressure seal. All of them can be printed in a laser or inkjet printer or a photocopier. 

There are also continuous pay envelopes which are to be printed in dot matrix printers and you can even seal money inside as well. They are also confidential which secures the privacy of the employee’s payment details. 

Continuous Computer Paper

Another paper solution you need in your offices is the continuous computer paper, or also known as Dot Matrix Paper, Tractor Feed Paper or Continuous Feed Computer Paper. It is used for making duplicate and triplicate copies but in order to print these copies you need a thermal ribbon. The standard sizes of continuous copy paper are 11’x 9.5’, 11’ x 15’ and A4 Exact.  

You can find it in plain white, colour coded, blue half shadow and readily available in 60gsm and 70gsm. It is ideal for invoices, statements or any other business form that requires more than one copy. 

The bottom line

Investing in high quality and eco-friendly paper office stationery pays off in the short and long term. People who buy from you or do business with you pay attention to every detail that expresses the professional look of your brand. In order to leave a great impression, making sure that the quality is top-notch of the paper stationery is simply a must. 

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