Don’t Skip Visiting These Comedy Clubs in Chicago

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One of the best combinations that have ever existed is of beauty and a sense of humor. Finding it in people can take a while, (no offense please) but finding a place that is beautiful and can provide you a number of options to laugh with the ultimate comedy taking sense of humor to next level. Say hello to one and only, Chicago for the best experience beyond your expectations. 

You can search on YouTube comedy shows Chicago and enjoy that way as well, but the real fun that exists is to actually be the real audience be it in any comedy event Chicago. Well there are numbers of options to explore, but below mentioned are some of the shortlisted you should definitely visit:

  • The second city:

Search all you want, ask from people over there, this one will always be on the top of the list. This is the one-stop-shop of comedy, Second City, is unquestionably Chicago’s heart of the comedy world. This is a remarkable place that has launched the careers of famous comedians like Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, and many more.

You can find stand up comedy the most covered part has original sketches, improv scenes, songs which is usually performed by a featured group. . While mainstage tickets are pricey, there is no minimum drink requirement, so you won’t have to pay for an add-on once you arrive at the place.

  • Improv Olympics (IO):

3 decades have passed and this institution is still known for the ultimate long-form improv and provides training as well. A full-service restaurant, multiple bars, and a seasonal beer garden round out the comedy schedule, while a full-service restaurant and multiple bars are more than enough excuses to make a night of it.

  • Comedysportz:

Do you want to put your comedy up against any fair competition? ComedySportz is unquestionably a champion. Two teams of comedians compete for your laughs and cheers in this action-packed, guffaw-for-points competition that uses audience feedback to improvise scenes, songs, and games. The high-energy show, which is hosted by a referee, features a clean comedy that is appropriate for teenagers and families.

  • Zanies comedy club:

If you’re a  stand-up comedy fan. This place is going to be your favorite one. .Zanies, which was Chicago’s first stand-up comedy venue, making it a staple of the city’s comedy scene. Every night of the week, it features visiting headline acts, so no matter when you’re in town, you should be able to fit a show into your itinerary. Note that this club has a two-drink minimum policy, so minors are not allowed inside

  • The comedy bar 

This club has a lot going for it, including no drink minimums, no age restrictions, pizzas, snacks, and drinks for sale, and a large number of stand-up comedians. While open-mic nights are free, given the low cost of other shows, you may want to consider attending a headlining act on either the main or B stage. The shows take place every night of the week and feature some of the city’s funniest performers.

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