Simplify Your Malls and Facility Business with a single ERP

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Managing a shopping mall is replete with challenges and opportunities altogether. There is so much to manage like keeping a tab on footfall, lease audits, contract management, signage management, promotions management, rents, security management, housekeeping, utility tracking, and whatnot. In the face of these multiple challenges, there comes a robust solution that can redefine the retail experience and juggle multiple responsibilities at once and mitigate ongoing issues prevailing in the mall. 

Let us see why the mall and facility business must embrace innovative trends and stay agile with SAP Business One. 

Drive decisions on a single version of truth

With robust software in place, it becomes easy to lay decisions faster and achieve a single version of truth. You can confide in data and gain real-time visibility into stock inventory and drive decisions on stock fulfillment, replenishment, allocation, pricing and costing.

Simplify complex mall operations

Keeping a tab on mall operations has never been easier. With a single ERP, it becomes manageable to keep a record of everything you wanted, manage the contract, back-office operations, know the expense of common area and so much more.  

Informed decisions

When everything is available at a place, it becomes easy to fetch information faster. You can lay decisions faster and make informed business decisions and know the exact status of lease, footfall analysis, active occupancy ratio, and gauge profits faster.  

Mitigate errors and confusion

There is less scope of errors and confusion as you bring in enterprise-ready software. The software helps in mitigating issues and confusion prevailing in by using excel sheets and spreadsheets. Now, you can depend on smart and advanced software which is set to bring agility and bring simplicity in the way you manage a business. So, next time you scout for better software which can invite less chaos and so, you have SAP Business One to depend on. 

Boost profitability 

Since everything from lease management to concierge management can be easily managed with one single ERP there is a high probability that you can miss out on any front. All things like housekeeping, workforce allocation, water gas, lease audit, compliance management can be taken care of nicely. An ERP can meet all the demands of business and big-chain retail outlets efficiently.  

Gives critical insights 

Gain a one level high and know 

  • Which outlet is receiving the maximum footfall? 
  • Which activity is bringing the maximum customer?  
  • Which entrance and exit points are most frequently used? 

Asset Management Tracking

It’s extremely complicated to keep a tab of business assets manually through any excel sheets or just by seeing heaps of manual records. Proper analysis is important to mitigate the chances of ordering. One such software which can help is SAP Business One which can help you manage your business and know where you have placed assets effectively. It gives a crystal clear view of where your assets are and how much needs to be ordered and so.

ERP software India can help the mall and management facility in several manners. From decision making to marketing, leasing, operations, footfall, electricity, concierge, or any other services, you have this feature-packed software ready to help your business.

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