Everything You Need To Know About Fire Safety Signs

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The legislation states that every individual should be provided with relevant fire safety details. In regards to the safety fire signs, this means that every individual should know where exactly the fire alarms and other equipment are located. In addition to this, they should also understand where the fire exits are located and how one can access them safely and in the right manner.


Why are fire safety signs important?

The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 states that all the workplaces should have vital and adequate safety signs so that people can make use of them when needed. Primarily, the fire safety signs are used to instruct and warm the employees of risks in case a fire takes place. Now you may be wondering why it is so important to have fire signs? Well, this legal requirement is crucial because without proper and apt signage you are basically putting the lives of your employees in danger. If you go through the health and safety laws, you will see that all the employers have a legal responsibility to ensure safety and health of their employees when at work: fire safety signs are just one of the many things that the workplace should take care of. 


Fire safety signs

  • Fire Extinguisher Signs: Basically rectangular in shape, fire extinguishers signs feature a description of the type of fire extinguishers available and its perks. You will come across this equipment in various colors, the most common being green and red. The legal requirement of this equipment is it should be easy and simple for the employees to use.

  • Fire action signs: Usually oblong or square, fire action signs can be either red, white, and blue. In addition to this, they can be green too at times. These equipment detail the crucial actions needed in the event of an emergency or fire. According to the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, all the occupants present inside the building should know about the fire safety instructions.

  • Prohibition signs: These are always white and red, signifying danger, and feature a “do not” sign with the prohibited action within it. The legal requirements state that in a situation where a fire risk has been found, necessary actions should be taken as soon as possible to lessen the risk.

  • Fire exit signs: Basically oblong or square, these signs are either white and green. The color green is used to indicate emergency escape and no danger. In addition to this, it also shows the occupants the most efficient methods to run out of the building safely.

  • Mandatory signs: These are normally circular and oblong. The color is either white or blue. They are known to indicate a particular, essential behavior or action that should be taken by the reader as soon as possible.


The Key Takeaways

Now that you know the importance of fire signs, it is essential to keep them in mind and not take them for granted. Your life is not a joke and you should surely not take it lightly. Make use of the equipment whenever needed and save yourself from the potential risk.

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