Five Steps to Help You Take Good Care of Your Car’s Roof

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When we talk about car repairs, we have a mental picture of tyres, seats, wheels, and other things. But we overlook the car roof, the essential part of the vehicle. So, we have prepared this article keeping in mind the car roof maintenance tips. 

After several years of use, car roof undergoes wear and tear, and lose its shine and durability. Here are the tips or the steps you need to follow. 

  • Pin the sagging car roof 

One of the quick hacks to fix your sagging car roof is to use pins and push it to the foam. Well, this is not the permanent solution to get your car roof repaired. It is just a temporary fix but will fix your roof for the time being. 

  • Double-sided tape will come to your rescue 

In case your headliner has become loose, then you can use a double-sided tape. Well, for this, you need to have access to the internal part of the vehicle. This trick works better if the sagging has occurred around the roof edges or corners. Or there is a separation from the rear-view mirror side. 

  • These two tools can do a miracle 

Things can work if you have a steam cleaner as it moisturizes the glue near the headliner. If there is a paint roller available amongst your belongings, you can roll the headliner and erase all the wrinkles. It is advisable not to use the steam excessively as it can damage the headliner from the inside. So, use this method only if you are confident in its usage. But the overall impact of these tools is marvellous. 

  • Examine the car roof carefully 

If you are following a systematic process to maintain your car roof, then evaluation is the first step. Identify the signs of damage in the car upholstery, mainly the roof part. Most of the time, we pay attention to the seats but overlook the roof portion altogether. Check for the car roof whether the glue is undone or has undergone wear and tear. 

  • Application of glue is a quick fix 

Being a conscious car owner, applying glue to the car roof in case of any discrepancy is a quick fix. But as a permanent solution, you need to call an experienced mobile car repair service who can fix the car roof within two hours. 

You can even replace the upholstery by purchasing it from a specialty store or a repair service. If you require more equipment for fixing the car roof, then straightaway call a car roof repair professional. An expert will evaluate the loopholes and fix the saggy roof lining repair issue quickly. 

So, whenever you have a car-related problem, seek professional assistance. 

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