Spray Tanning Services in Oklahoma City Follow Key Factors for Natural Glow Skin

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Summers are on the way, and time to flaunt your glowy tan skin. But how do professionals choose a spray tan color? Surely, it might be challenging for the unknown to decide. So here, you’ll learn what experts check before application.

Without a doubt, they will work on factors, like skin tone, time of year, type of dress, and where a person will be heading to. 

Before purchasing a spray tan, we ensure to look at pictures to find the right one. But many times, end up with the wrong decision. Meanwhile, I found an organic spray tan spa in OKC that is totally perfect for my ghost-white skin- meeting the summer needs and following considerations to make the skin look natural & glowy.

Let’s not make things more complex and straight away take the readers to the key factors that involve picking the adequate spray tan color. 

What Determines Final Glow?

One must know skin tone is the main factor in determining the result of spray tan. However, are there a few other things that can impact the final color?

The first consideration is the quality of the spray tan. How it’s made or what key ingredients are involved to result in the glow. The second factor is naturality; the tan should look natural. The last is the correct application. In other words, how one applies the product.  

Better to look for a less chemical-based spray tan that doesn’t yield side effects. Organic spray tans give far better and natural results than chemical ones. 

How Professionals Use Spray Tan Color Chart

Of Course, many of us look at spray tan color charts in-depth and end up with chaos? All we need a better understanding of how color works for every individual. Therefore kick out the confusion.


Skin tone and Undertone- the name sounds the same, but they are two different things. Our skin color is based on the presence of melanin. Skin tone dedicates to the surface layer of color. In contrast, skin undertones refer to beneath the surface layer of skin.

Skin tone mainly includes five general categories:

  • Very light
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Very dark

Skin undertones include three categories:

  • Cool: pink, red, or bluish undertone
  • Warm: yellow or gold undertone
  • Neutral: a combination of warm and cool

Now it doesn’t mean that if someone has a dark skin tone, then they have a warm undertone or vice versa. They understand the individual undertone to apply a suitable spray tan color.

What if you get the Best Spray Tan professionals in OKC? Time to grab the outstanding services! 

Two Easy Ways to Check Skin Undertone: 

1)Vein color: If you can see a green vein at your wrist, then your undertone is warm. In case it’s blue, then you have a cool undertone. What if it’s both? Then a person falls in a neutral undertone.

2) Jewels: if gold suits you more than a silver jewel, then you have a warm undertone and vice-versa. If it suits both, then it’s neutral


Experts in OKC pick the spray tan colors according to skin undertones and take into account the season too. For instance, in summers, medium to dark goes well.

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