For What All Things Connaught Place Is Famous For?

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A great paradise for Shopaholics, from street-side stalls with clothes, junk jewelry, bags, phone accessories, home décor and what not. It is also very famous for its nightlife and club hopping, it is a place for the fun-loving nightcrawlers. People also take walks for de-stressing themselves with a sip of coffee and by looking at hundreds and thousands of unknown faces, some in a hurry and some taking walks around

But there are hidden gems in CP. Yes, I am talking about various kinds of cuisines. One can find a variety of cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering, delicious food from different parts of the world.

Cafes in CP never disappoint me whenever I go in any of those. But there is this coffee shop in CP and it is one of the best dessert shop in CP. Brioche Doree, the coffee shop in CP which also serves the best authentic French food. There are a variety of croissants, tarts, pastries and cake available which all are delicious and make Brioche Doree one of the best dessert shop in CP. As it is also a coffee shop in CP, they serve a wide range of coffees.

Few of my friends recommended me this coffee shop in CP as they know I am a big foodie and a coffee person, I also love French food. As soon as my friends told me about it I decided to visit Brioche Doree and try their authentic French food. I took a cab and reached there in 30 minutes. I took few steps and I saw that café was in front of me. I entered the café and the fragrance of freshly baked croissants and tarts and the delicate fruity aroma of the pastry just carried me away. The ambience of the café was giving me such an authentic French vibes.

I asked him for the table for 2 as my cousin was joining me. We sat and we have a look at their menu. There was a variety in tarts, pastries and what not. We both were very hungry, so we ordered their Roasted Veg & Olive Pizza Puff, Spinach Mushroom & Cheese Sandwich, and Café Mocha. The order was quick and we got our order within 10 minutes. We tasted our food and it was amazing. The flavors and the authentic aroma of food got our hearts.

I personally love coffee and I have tried coffees from many coffee shops in CP but this coffee was so good. I knew that this will be my new favorite place to hang out with my friends. I and my cousin were so happy and we were enjoying our meal.

After we finished our food, we wanted to try their desserts as it was one of the best dessert shop in CP. So we ordered blueberry cheese cake and rainbow rumble. He served the dessert in a very good way. We had a bite of our desserts and we fell in love with those desserts. They were so delicious and mouth-watering. We finished our dessert, paid our bill and then we went back to our home.

We both had an amazing experience in Brioche Doree and now we often go there and have coffee and dessert. It is a perfect place for vegetarians because they are serving a wide variety of vegetarian food. I just love to spend my time in this coffee shop in CP. Now I always recommend this best dessert shop in CP to people who all are fond of having desserts. Rather than being the best dessert shop in CP and coffee shop in CP, they also serve the best authentic French food.

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