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As one of the leading dental clinics in Quezon City, San Salvador Dental Clinic is dedicated to offering a range of caring dental services to individuals and their entire family at the most affordable rates. Some of our professional services include:

Implants: If you are experiencing problems while you speak or chew your favorite foods, then our dental implants Manila is the best option for you to resolve those problems easily and effectively. Our professional implant procedure will offer a natural look to your missed teeth and it will never fall during your various activities.

Filling: The dental filling procedure offered at our clinic will treat your cavities effectively. Our fillings are so versatile that they can be used to repair broken or cracked teeth or teeth that have been fatigued over time, as well.

Crowns: The Crown  is nothing but a cap that your dentist can put over your tooth. The crown offered by us will restore your tooth to its normal size, shape, and function in an effective way, besides making your tooth stronger and improving the way it looks.  Crown Teeth Philippines is the term used to search by people when they  search any query on search engine.

Bridge: A dental bridge is usually a custom-made substitute tooth or teeth that fill the gap where one or more of your teeth are missing. Our bridge will restore your bite and aid you considerably in keeping the natural form of your face. If you search Teeth Bridge Cost Philippines then you will surprised to see that  we have lowest fee in Philippines

Dentures: Whether you need a partial denture or a complete denture, we are the right dental professional you are seeking. We offer our dentures to your missing teeth in a professional way, meaning you can remove them and again position them easily and quickly.

Teeth whitening: If you have problems with your stained teeth, hiring our teeth whitening service will make your smile more attractive than ever. You will also capable of improving your self-esteem.

Veneers: At our dental clinic, we offer veneers to correct an extensive variety of dental problems, such as stained teeth, worn or chipped teeth. They will provide your teeth with a naturally shaped look.

If you are in search of an affordable dental care service that involves a fee to fit within your planned budget then look no further than San Salvador Dental Clinic.The major benefit of having your dental procedures at San Salvador Dental Clinic is that you will get a comprehensive dental services price list Philippines.

Besides providing our patients with excellent dental care, it is also our mission to building a strong relationship of trust with them through our sympathetic and friendly dental services. We are extremely passionate about what we perform and we know that our patients would like to feel confident that they would get the greatest care dentistry to offer.

At San Salvador Dental Clinic, we are committed to offering our dental services that will best fit the treatment needs as well as the budget of every customer.

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