From France to India, with Love

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France is renowned all over the world for its rich culture and cuisines. The air of romance in France is evident not only in its people but also in the beauty of turning every delicacy into a culinary masterpiece. The refreshing flavors and finesse add to the charm of French food. France has received international acclaim for its gastronomic excellence and is enjoyed by people all over the world. France is also known for its exotic cheeses and wines, housing some of the best cheeses and wines in the world. Beyond that, the culinary history of France lies in experimenting with simple ingredients and enhancing the flavors for a delightful meal.

To make French food more accessible, Brioche Doree- a café cum bakery entirely dedicated to serving authentic French food, was first opened in 1976 in Brest, France. Over the years, Brioche Doree became one of the leading bakeries in the world serving delicacies worldwide. Bringing the best of Parisian culture and the trend of urban French cuisine, Brioche Doree has come a long way. With over 40 years of experience, this café is now an internationally recognized brand and is innovating new ways to serve high-quality products.

With the development of café culture in India, it was imperative to bring something new to the Indian market. Cafe near CP was popular among all kinds of the crowd and hence, Haldiram’s launched Brioche Doree in India with a refreshing twist of Indian flavors in CP. Housing all kinds of French food in a vegetarian avatar, this café near CP is working its magic in India. Loved by corporate, families & millennials alike, this café restaurant in CP is renowned for its exquisite range of Indo-French delights.

Fulfilling all your French food cravings, these café restaurants in CP are the epitome of culinary artistry. Their Breakfast range is made with the finest ingredients for a healthy start to the day and consists of options like Fig & Date Muesli, Sourdough Sandwiches, Tropical Quinoa Salad, among many more. The most reviewed and loved delicacy of this café near CP is French Baguette with Brie, which is a healthy multigrain baguette served with delectable brie cheese. Choose from a range of sweet or savory croissants that are made with 100% pure butter.

The viennoiseries of this café restaurant in CP is full of irresistible delights which are made with garden-fresh ingredients and baked to perfection for a perfect meal. Delectable pain-au-chocolat, Kouign Amann, Almond croissants and Crème Brulee Croissant makes this café near CP an ideal place for all those with a sweet tooth. For the health-conscious folks, Brioche Doree leaves to serve the healthiest and farm-fresh salads. Ranging from Truffle Couscous Salad to Farfalle Pasta Salad, now you don’t have to worry about extra calories or compromise with taste! Revel in the warmth of creamy soups which leaves a lingering taste and makes you crave more.

Bringing families together with their exotic range of Indo-French platters, this café restaurant in CP is innovating every day to serve the best of French delights with refreshing flavors. Be it the savory taste of Mezze Platter or the special Brioche Doree Platter, entice your taste buds with the ambrosial expertise of this café near CP. Spend an evening full of laughter and heart-warming conversations with your loved ones, as you sip on the rich taste of cappuccino at this café near CP. 

Brioche Doree is evidently one of the best café restaurants in CP, serving authentic French delights baked with love.

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