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Generation Z has found a savior in Skillmuni

Are you a fresher just out of college and hunting for a job? Or are you someone who has newly joined an organization? We are sure that being accustomed to this new lifestyle isn’t easy but learning every day will help you stay ahead. How to make learning exciting? TGC Technologies Pvt Ltd has designed the Skillmuni mobile app on which you can experience gamified learning. Not only this, Skillmuni is a complete campus2career ecosystem that will enable you to build the career of your choice.

From finding the right career to improving your professional skills, Skillmuni has become a savior for many freshers.

Enter the corporate world armed with Gamification in learning

Congratulations on securing that degree! We are sure you have made many plans for your career. Most freshers are left in confusion when it comes to choosing a job role from a wide array of options. Just having a good resume may not guarantee you a job, but what’s more crucial is to have the right skill set for it. Skillmuni can ease the process to make you job-ready and stand out from the crowd. Users can develop their soft skills and aptitude by solving assessments on them and earn goals or points. Topics like interview skills, negotiation skills, body language, and English-speaking skills are available in a micro-learning format so that you can use short breaks to upskill yourself.

Bridging the gap between career seekers and career providers

Youth unemployment is the situation of young people who are looking for a job but cannot find a job. Why should there be rising unemployment when organizations are struggling to fill their vacancies? Skillmuni resolves this paradox. There are many corporate organizations that have posted theor job opening on the Skillmuni app. The employers can post a job at 75% less hiring cost and set standard scores on the job postings. The app will guide you through each step in your application process. In case you do not clear a round, you will be able to see feedback and know your areas of improvement.

You can solve and practice content available on the Skillmuni app and keep getting better at various skills. All of this will be super fun and engaging for you because of gamified learning on the Skillmuni app. Apply for your dream job with Skillmuni!


Youngsters choose entrepreneurship to become their own boss!


With the implementation of Make in India, there has been a rise in the number of startups. More and more youngsters today want to open a business of their own. The Gen Z is ready to transform ideas into full-fledged business products. Skillmuni helps such budding entrepreneurs by providing them the much-needed guidance and support during their early stages of entrepreneurship. You can find an incubator for your startup on the Skillmuni app. Start your own business with Skillmuni!


Pursue higher studies abroad!


Thanks to globalization, today one is not just restricted to working and learning in their home country. Gen Z can explore foreign lands and join globally recognized universities to receive a high-quality education. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to find the most suitable university. It becomes a challenge to understand all the requirements and critical information. Skillmuni provides all the information in one place. It provides key details on the general information, visa regulations, universities, etc and removes the major roadblocks that most students fear. You can get an internationally acclaimed degree in the course of your choice and within your budget with Skillmuni. Studying abroad is made easy with Skillmuni!


About Skillmuni

Skillmuni is an end-to-end career-building ecosystem. It has a gamified app for students – these students are Career Seekers. They can get a job, become an entrepreneur and/or apply to higher education institutions on the app. The app has features like gamified learning, performance tracking, and intuitive navigation.

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