How to Get a Goodnight Sleep

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The human body needs to be recharged just like cell phones. Goodnight sleep repairs the damaged cells of the body and prepares us for the next day. Adequate Night Sleep is mandatory for good health. We all are familiar with fresh feeling after good night sleep. Similarly drained out feeling of not having enough sleep is also well known.

When you go to bed in the night, you should fall asleep within 20 or 30 minutes. If you do not, this is not a  good sign. Poor sleep leads to thousands of troubles. Some of the examples are poor concentration, low productivity, and various health issues. Obesity, Diabetes and Heart diseases may attack you. It makes your body vulnerable to numerous fatal health problems, by damaging immune system.

Moreover, physical problems are not the only category. Thousands of psychological problems come along with poor sleep. You may get enrolled in the list of depression patients. Surveys show that 90% of depression victims are poor sleepers.

Let us check eight awesome hacks to improve our sleep quality.

1.Stick To Schedule

The most critical strategy for better sleep is to synchronize yourself with the biological clock of your body. Poor sleep is often the product of irregular and random sleep patterns. Stretch your mental muscles, come up with the sleep-wake schedule that works best for your lifestyle, and just stick to it. Check-in and checkout time for your bed should be the same, every single day. That would set you free from irritating alarms, and enhance the quality of your sleep.

Do not let weekends ruin the schedule. Weekdays would give you terrible jetlag if you change schedule on the weekend. Do some slow stimulating activity, in case you feel drowsy before bedtime. Doing the dishes is a good choice. Press your dress for tomorrow. If that does not work, call some friends or family members to help you stay awake by talking.

Never ever go to sleep, before the clock hits the time. That may cause you to wake up any time late at night. Going back to sleep may not turn out easy.

2. Try Some Massage Therapy

Indulging in massage therapy after a hectic day always works. The human body needs to be relaxed in order to go to sleep and massage therapy is famous for its relaxing and soothing effect on the human mind. It decreases anxiety levels, and wipe out thousands of things that hinder good sleep.

The massage takes you to other realms of calmness, peace, and serenity. Nothing works better in relieving stress and pain. You will fall asleep quickly, after a gentle massage of four to five minutes.

Numerous methods of massage therapy are available. Insomnia massage therapy, Aromatherapy, Hot stone massage, and cranial sacral therapy are a few examples. You can even get massage chairs available on the Internet, these days. Online shopping in Pakistan has never been easier.

3. Eat Mindfully

Everything you eat or drink in a day has a strong influence on how yousleep at night. Best time to go to bed is when your stomach is in moderate condition. Going to bed too stuffed or too hungry effects adversely. A wise person said, “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.” Implement this saying, and you will have the best sleep.

Never have big meals just before your bedtime. Have dinner at least two hours prior to sleep time. Do not consume spicy, oily and acidic foods in dinner. You may keep tossing in the bed for half of the night.

Research shows that half of the caffeine you consume may take six hours to exit the body. This is applicable to tea, coffee and cola. Consuming them late in the day may lead to poor or no sleep at all. Forget them six hours before sleep time.

4. Exercise

Appropriate exercise in a day yields quality night sleep. A workout is the ultimate way to attain deep sleep. It decreases the risk of sleep disorders and helps you increase deep sleep duration.

You may not need to read and practice complex and strenuous workout routines for this until bodybuilding is also your goal. What you want is just good sleep, so do any exercise that you find best. The time duration of exercise also does not matter. But remember, the more physically active you get, the better you sleep. Even 10 minutes’ walk would help to some extent. Best time for exercise is early morning.

If you cannot manage to exercise in early time for some reason, other alternatives are 1 pm and 4 pm. However, never exercise if less than four hours are left in sleeping time. Sleep needs low body temperature and exercise rises it.

Hitting the gym is also not a hard and fast rule. It is perfectly fine if you order your required equipment through online shopping in Pakistan and take care of your health at the comfort of your home.

5. Stay Away From Bright Screen

Bright screens can disrupt your sleep patterns. The blue light-emitting from your mobile, tablet or TV is powerful enough to keep melatonin hormone from releasing. It causes good sleep when released. Blue light does not let it release.

Rather it triggers others hormones responsible for keeping us awake, for example, cortisol.

Try quitting all gadgets two hours before sleep time. Do not use social media. It stimulates your body instead of relaxing. In case of emergency, try using a smaller screen with as low brightness as possible.

6. Improve Environment of Bedroom

The environment is a crucial parameter in the equation of sleep. Sleep is the sole purpose of your bedroom. It is not for exercise, work or food. Anything that distracts should be kept somewhere else.

It is just for rest so keep things that fit the purpose. Make proper amendments. Even the color of the walls and curtains contribute.

Heavy curtains that block outside streetlight are must items. Make the room as much dark and quiet as possible. Also, pay attention to temperature. It should be somewhere near 65F or 18C.

Your cushion and mattress are heavily responsible for the quality of sleep. Make sure you use ultra-high quality mattress and cushion. No wonder why you sleep better when you stay in hotels. If you are looking to find these bedding items, make your purchase through online shopping in Pakistan today!

7. Sunlight Exposure

Exposure to sunlight can help sleep better. It regulates the natural sleep cycle. This actually indirectly affects your sleep.

Staying outdoors signals your body to be alert, so you do not feel lazy in the day. When night falls, your body immediately gets to know that now is the time for rest and you fall asleep easily.

If your job requires you to stay indoors, try to have the seat nearest to window. Go out for breakfast or lunch. Doing exercise outdoors would also work.

8. Wear Comfortable Dress

What we wear during sleep also affects our sleep. Take as much time deciding your nightdress as much you take selecting what to wear to the office. Sleepwear can make a big difference in your quality of sleep and overall health as well. Pajamas, long nighties or shorts are best for sleeping. While any kind of tight clothes can make it difficult for body muscle to relax. What you wear while sleeping should be as comfortable as hell.

Two Bonus Tips

  • Shower – Relaxing bath is a proven way to get better sleep. Choose between hot or cold bath, in light of local temperature and weather conditions.
  • Music – Listening to relaxing music is one of the modern ways to sleep. You can find a plethora of soundtracks on YouTube.

The Bottom Line

Having a good night’s sleep is not very difficult. Knowing a few things like the importance of environment, bed equipment, and dress can help a lot. Sleep plays a key role in health, so make it your top priority and implement the tips we have discussed above.

If you know any other awesome tips, let us know it in comments.

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