Glass door with sensor in Lahore

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Automatic glass doors with sensors create attractive and easy access. Although very suitable for most organizations and commercial establishments, they are particularly popular in supermarkets and hospitals. This is because the automatic sliding doors with the sensor are open, so it is easy to maneuver beds, wheelchairs, shopping carts, and delivery palettes.

By providing this excellent accessibility, Glass door with sensors will help ensure that your home meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. However, the most important thing is that the automatic sliding door will create a direct impression on the minds of your company’s established, professional, and trustworthy visitors.

Automatic sliding doors with sensors have a variety of uses. They can be used as single or double leaf structures and are ideal for use as internal and external openings. Most importantly, its flexible design means that the automatic sliding door can be integrated into almost any building facade.

If you want to improve the accessibility of your buildings while leaving a deep impression, then automatic sliding doors may be just what your home needs.

The benefits of glass doors with sensor

When choosing automatic doors for a pedestrian entrance, it is important to meet all your needs. So here we take a look at the benefits of choosing an automatic sliding door system.

Keep traffic flowing

The automatic sliding doors do not lead to your space and are ideal for use in busy areas with heavy traffic. This makes them a good choice in environments such as people moving in different directions or shops with limited space. They also help to make your environment comfortable – Access Technologies keeps the airflow smooth and maintains strong wind pressure even in very bad weather, ensuring comfort.

Ensure optimal safety

Automatic sliding doors are a safe choice – there is a limited risk of injury or damage. When the door slides open, the user has little chance of being caught in the door or trapped inside the door, such as safety sensors, using techniques such as transmitter technology and timely opening and side sensors to improve the safety of each automatic sliding door.


Regardless of their needs, anyone can use the automatic sliding doors to enter the building. Smart sensors mean that those who need to disable access can pass seamlessly. Moreover, they are the best entry point for escape routes – sensors ensure that people who need to pass urgently have no barriers. Moreover, in facilities such as hospitals, the risk of bacterial transmission can be minimized due to contactless entry, so high hygiene standards can be maintained.

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