What Are Grandparents’ Rights To Their Grandchildren?

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What are grandparents’ rights is a widely asked question these days. Many expect the rights should depend upon the bond that grandparents share with their grandchildren, how much they care for grandchildren, and the amount of control grandparents have over their grandchildren. But the harsh reality is that no such correlation exists in their rights over their grandchildren, at least not legally. All of the control lies in the hands of parents. They are the ones who decide what grandparents have rights over their children.

There are cases where the whole management works really well. The grandparents are allowed to meet, spend quality time and even live with their grandchildren on many days. This happens only when grandparents share a good relationship with parents or their own children. But in cases when parents and grandparents are not on good terms, the whole management gets disturbed. The pattern of letting grandchildren meet with grandparents quickly unravels. And this is what makes the grandparents question the society as well as legal bodies, that what are grandparents rights? Or do they even have any legal rights for their grandchildren? The question seems more of a feeling of grandparents screaming in pain. And to their astonishment, the legal rights for the grandparents are limited at best. Talking about rights, here are a few things that you should know about.

Parental Rights Are Stronger Than Grandparents Rights

It is a known fact that parents have more rights to make decisions about their children. Only in the cases of abuse or neglect, children are liable to be removed from the home. Well, the legal definitions also amplify the fact that every story needs to be proved by a set of pieces of evidence. Only if there is evidence that proves them wrong behaviour of parents against their children. There are many children that are left at home even after such actions of their parents and this happens only because of the lack of evidence. Family law solicitor in Swindon might come up with various solutions of letting the children move in with their grandparents. But just saying this does not matter from a legal standpoint. After the children are removed from the home by child protective services, grandparents still can not take over unless it is done through legalities.

Need Of New Home For Grandchildren

As mentioned above, if the grandchildren are removed from their homes, it is the right of the grandparents to be notified about it. And this where a family law solicitor from Glasgow and other places in the UK can help you out. Not only the grandparents are notified but they also have the right to participate in the decisions related to grandchildren. They can take over their grandchildren but only as other foster parents, no prior consideration for custody is given by the court to the grandparents.  The petition of grandparents will be processed similarly to that of third-party foster parents. The custody will include several forms, like custody with power of attorney, as foster parents or as full legal custody.

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