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7 Tips To Stick To Your To Do List

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Whether you are the only person running your business or you have a team to manage, keeping track of tasks is easy for no one. When you are a leader of a team, you need to send emails to each team member to delegate tasks. You have many Gmail features and an email management virtual assistant to make it a little easier for you. When you organize your inbox into folders, you are not going to lose track of a conversation. Similarly, to keep track of your tasks, you need a free team task management app like best to do list app free.  In addition to using the best free team task management app, you also need to adopt the following 7 strategies:   

Check the Size of Your to do List 

Different individuals have different ways to handle tasks. Some can tackle a long to-do list without stress. The productivity of others is negatively affected when they see a long list of tasks. This can be overwhelming. You can work on three to five important tasks on that day. You can set aside time for minor tasks.   

Work and Take Breaks 

Set time segments for your tasks. Take short breaks between these time segments. When you have designated 30-45 minutes for a task, do not do any other task during that time segment.  Try to finish that task within that time segment. Take a five-minute break after finishing the task. You can go for a walk or stretch. Set a timer for the next time segment.    

Keep Things Accessible 

If you have to check certain ongoing email conversations to finish a particular task, then organize emails into folders and keep that folder open. Similarly, if you need some stuff frequently to complete the job, keep that stuff within your arm’s reach. 

Use Labels 

You may have to use certain items in your workplace. Organize these items according to the frequency of use or categories. Use containers to organize these items. Label each container so that you don’t have to search for a particular item in more than one container. 

Organize Inbox 

When your team works on more than one project, hardly any of your team members get all tasks from a single project. So, in addition to a free team task management app, you need an app to organize your inbox into folders. This helps in keeping track of conversations related to different projects.

Assign Days 

Currently, your team is working on six projects. In addition to tasks related to these projects, you have to handle some administrative tasks. You have a team meeting. Though such tasks don’t generate any revenue, this does not mean that they are less important.  You can focus on your projects and these tasks by assigning days. 

Remove Distractions 

Identify all the sources of distractions. Even you can be a source of distraction. A poorly organized inbox distracts you. An overwhelming to do list distracts you. Your social media addiction is a distraction. There are external distractions due to people. Control your social media addiction. Organize your inbox. Set time segments to avoid external distractions.

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