Guide to Types of Spas: Rekindle Mind, Body and Spirit

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The spa and body massage sectors continue to thrive for diversified variations of spa retreats and innovative options to denote facials and body massage. More than a broader variety of treatments and services, the technical implementations is important for the customers to follow.

Lets us have a quick glance and note the most regular but demanding spas treatments.

  1. Hammam Spa: If you ever pay a visit to the Middle East, surely do visit their steam bath, also termed as the “Turkish bath”. According to the Middle Easter tradition, Hammams are the place for communal space to socialize and cleanse. Presently, it is also termed as ‘the wet cousin of the sauna’ provides luxurious therapy, starting from sauna to undergo head-to-toe body massage and exfoliation, and finally a thorough rinse off in a cold water pool.
  1. Health / Medical Spas: Health and medical spa are mostly performed by the highly experienced professionals to administer treatments like non-invasive cosmetic care, like microdermabrasion, Botox,, fillers, laser hair removal or chemical peels and many other desirable medical treatment spas. For performing such spas, require fully-licensed medical staff with a complete qualified doctor to make sure desirable result with safety.


  1. Facial treatments: If you just go for your face, instead of the entire body spa, then focus more on the products rather than techniques. As facial spa comprised of messaging, peeling, mask application, nourishing, and scrubbing gently.
  1. Simple message: With a simple message, it is very relevant to understand that the entire message will only follow the right techniques to pamper your body without any applications of ointments and oils. If you are looking for beauty spa near me, always select the authentic spa options that are best recommended across the street.
  1. Dental Spa: Visiting a dentist is often a nerve wracking idea, and thus, try to explore the dental spas that provide a wide range of dental services in style. Be it any treatment or care, like cosmetic dentistry procedures, air polishing, laser whitening, veneers and inlays, to assist error-free smile to look best.
  1. Destination Spa: To boost the overall health and well-being of the tourist, the destination spa treatments for the guests are very popular now-a-days. It is often considered as the traditional spa treatments to serve the guests a feel to unwind, and promote a healthy lifestyle. With nutritional meals, combinational fitness regime and stress release classes, in their spa resort.
  2. Mineral Spring Spa: While nature has so many things to offer, why don’t you opt for a natural spa in the location of spring water. Yes, the spring water therapy along with spa is a highly rejuvenating process that not only heals the deal cells but also provides ample health benefits. For the Spa industry, the mineral water is known for their deepest brightest secret due to its healing properties. Also known as ‘thermal spa’, it is basically practiced to provide relief from skin or other ailments

These are the few mentioned spas, but believe me, there are a number of other known spas like Nail treatments, Ayurveda spa, Bootcamp spa and many more to consider. If you are a lover of Body massage Chatham, consider the right message or spa centre in Chatham that not only provides glowing skin but also makes your stress free.

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