How often do you need to sweep your chimney?

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In order to keep your chimney running in the perfect condition, it is essential to sweep your chimney periodically. Here is all that you need to about how often chimney sweep is essential.

Studies show that many houses get damaged due to chimney fires. Most of these fires take place due to the accumulation of creosote. Creosote is a black deposit that takes place on the inner wall of the chimney. It is a highly inflammable substance. Creosote build-up in the chimney line is dangerous and can cause chimney fires, thus necessitating Chimney sweep in Fairfax, VA.

Chimney fires are often explosive. It is quite common for neighbors to get startled due to these explosions and alert the homeowner. In case it goes unnoticed, the chimney fire can burn down the house and also can cause unprecedented destruction. Hence, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the chimney. Homeowners usually clean their chimney at least once a year. However, there are various important signs which indicate that the chimney requires cleaning.

If one observes any of the following signs, it means that the chimney needs to be cleaned.

  • Poorly burning fireplace

  • Strong smells arising from the fireplace/chimney

  • Worn out damper

  • Presence of strong black soot on the inner wall of a chimney

  • Emission of smoke while burning wood in the fireplace

Even if your chimney usage is minimal, it is prudent to do an annual inspection through a reputed chimney servicing agency. After performing the inspection, experts may recommend chimney cleaning. In case regular cleaning and maintenance are not performed. Eventually, the parts start to disintegrate and require repair or replacement. This costs a lot more, compared to the cost of Fairfax chimney inspection or cleaning service.

It is advisable to sign an annual maintenance contract with a certified chimney cleaning agency. The agency can render chimney inspection and cleaning services regularly. It is recommended to clean the chimney before winter. Today, however, there are chimney cleaning agencies that can clean the chimney any day.

Experts dealing in Fairfax Chimney cleaning tell that is a long, arduous process that can only be performed once or twice a year. The following precautions, however, can be performed more frequently to prevent the occurrence of a chimney fire.

  • Clean the firebox regularly and do not let the ashes accumulate.

  • Use seasoned firewood in your fireplace. Do not put the glossy printed paper in the fireplace as chemical flames emanate from them.

  • Keep the damper entirely open before igniting a fire.

  • Do not burn pressure-treated wood in the fireplace. This hastens creosote buildup.

  • Do not burn painted wood in the fireplace for it could potentially create toxic fumes that raise health concerns.

  • Make sure that the largest logs are placed at the bottom of the firebox, and the smaller ones on top.

The chimney is the most welcoming feature of the house. It creates a cozy corner for the entire family to spend evenings in the relaxed company of each-other. However, it comes with a set of responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Carrying out these responsibilities well ensures the durability of the chimney and the safety of the house.

Rooftop Chimney Sweeps is a leading name in the industry when it comes to installation, repair, service, and maintenance of chimneys of all types. They also provide all necessary parts for chimneys and their expert team members can handle even most complex tasks with the utmost ease.

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