Have You Tried Gong Cha’s Oat Milk Tea?

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From this year’s sudden milk tea series craze, oats have experienced a breakout year. Its the greatest achievement? Becoming a part of Gong Cha’s milk tea series. Even if you’re a vegan or maybe you just like alternative plant-based milk, you must have heard about the new dairy-free milk that entered the scene. And has found its way into bubble tea stores. Before you give the oat milk tea a try, there are certain things you need to know.


Is it genuinely oat-made? Can it be trusted? Is it delicious? Or just there?

So we did in-depth research on everything related to oat milk tea and got all the answers ready. So, firstly, what is oat milk?


Oat milk is a dairy-free alternative to regular milk. Oat milk is produced from strained oats.


Why is oat milk popular?


Okay, firstly, oats are hot at the moment.

Secondly, the milk contains a lower fat than other dairy varieties. And of course, higher in protein than most of its competitors. And because the process of making oatmeal preserve all soluble fibers, oat milk contained the highest fiber contents, compared to other types of milk. That’s one of the reasons Gong Cha included the oat milk tea into one of its best milk tea series.


So if you visit a bubble tea store in New York, and want a milk alternative with a sweet taste and lovely texture, you might want to order for an oat milk tea.

Oat milk is beta-glucan rich (beta-glucan maintains your cholesterol level).


Apart from nutritional benefits, oat milk is sweet and creamy, and many tea lovers have testified to it being the sweetest alternative to milk.


Best for weight gain


Oat milk tends to contain more calories. A cup has about 130 calories.

In other words, if you’re looking to gain more weight, oat milk tea will probably be your go-to option. That said, oat milk is sweet and creamy, so whenever you want a sip, treat Yourself at a Gong Cha bubble tea store near you.


You will find it delicious enough to sip down a whole carton of oat milk.

Because of its excellent texture, oat milk tea has become a plant-based milk choice for many people.


It’s additional to the tea that gives you the creaminess you can never get from regular milk.


And because of its sweetness, it has become an excellent option for matcha lattes and smoothies.


Where can I find the best oat milk tea?


Now that you’re sold on oat milk tea (honestly, who wouldn’t?) Head over to the nearest Gong Cha bubble tea store near you.


Gong cha offers oat milk teas that are low fat, great taste and in high quality. So feel free to keep it light, sip it with a sweet snack or flaunt it like it’s hot.


Are you planning to visit a bubble tea store in the UK? Try out an oat milk tea with tapioca pearl, and you’ll be happy you did.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Locations. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Flavors to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.

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