7 Reasons You Should Take Brown Sugar Drinks Like Your Morning Coffee

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Brown sugar is a popular sweetener added to several baked foods and culinary? But do you know that Gong Cha also includes brown sugar in their series of bubble tea? For instance, when you visit one of the Gong Cha stores that serve bubble tea in Texas, you’ll find a beautifully packaged cup of dirty brown sugar milk tea with the big fat straw for your sipping enjoyment.


But do you know that it also beneficial to your health in a way that might surprise you?


But firstly, what’s brown sugar? (We’ll go a bit medical here)

Brown sugar is the sucrose-type sugar that is brown because it contains molasses. This form of sugar is produced naturally or commercially. To produce brown sugar commercially, molasses must be added to traditional white sugar, which makes up between 4-7% of the resulting product.


By weight, a regular brown sugar comprises of over 5% molasses. Generally, brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. And that’s because brown sugar contains molasses. So why is brown sugar becoming a trend among lovers of bubble tea in New York and the world? It’s because of the awareness of its unique benefit in the body.


Some of the unique benefits of brown sugar on health include its ability to improve digestion, boost energy, help with uterine infection, and assist with weight loss.

It doesn’t stop here: let’s go in detail.


Reduce Menstrual Cramps


At Gong Cha, we have blended this type of sugar into a healthy tea to remove the pain of menstrual cramps. Just take a sip of one of Gong Cha’s brown sugar drinks to enjoy this benefit.


Promote healthy skin


Surprisingly, do you know that brown sugar can exfoliate your skin? Sounds impressive, right?


It can eliminate all grime, dirt, and dead cells from your skin.

Just take a sip from a Gong Cha store and experience a surprising healthy skin.


Boost energy


As brown sugar is a simple carbohydrate, you can always expect to get an energizing effect with the sugar. You can take brown sugar milk tea like your morning coffee.


Assist in weight loss


Although we don’t recommend taking an excessive amount of brown sugar. But molasses helps boost the rate of metabolism and reduces hunger, thus assisting in weight loss.


A quick recovery option after pregnancy


After delivery, brown sugar has helped pregnant women recover faster. It also relieves pregnant women from pregnancy-related cramps and discomfort.


Suppress Flatulence in guts


Research has, however, discovered that brown sugar could help reduce flatulence in guts. Thanks to the molasses in the sugar. Although gut flatulence may not be harmful, it can be unhealthy and embarrassing.




Anecdotal evidence confirms that mixing brown sugar with warm water to drink can reduce the inflammatory symptoms linked with Asthma. You can get that from a hot brown sugar drink.


As you can see, brown sugar drinks come with lots of surprising benefits. Feel free to check Gong Cha’s Instagram page for different series of brown sugar drinks. Who wouldn’t love them!


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Locations. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Flavors to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.

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