Herringbone Flooring: What You should know

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Most of the homeowners are sensitive about the overall look of their house as they always want their house to make a statement. From painting to wall décor, everything is planned perfectly to spruce the overall look of the house. But if you are finding something missing in your house even after equipping it with all the amenities and décor, then your house surely needs herringbone-flooring.

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In the modern era, herringbone flooring has become one of the most popular flooring choices among most of the people. Rather than going with the traditional flooring idea that can be seen in almost every house, you can stay unique and enhance the look of your house by multifolds by simply choosing herringbone-flooring. You should know that it is a distinctive, classy, and handy flooring solution that will surely leave a very good impression on the guests.

But before choosing herringbone flooring for your house and making a lasting impression on the guests, it is very important to know about the herringbone flooring in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of herringbone flooring and explore it in the best possible way.

The origin of herringbone flooring

During the 1600s, parquet flooring was one of the most common choices of flooring. These types of flooring were made from different blocks of wood that were put in a beautiful looking fishbone pattern or what is now called, herringbone. Earlier, this was done by hands, and that’s why it was a time taking process. But the beauty offered by these types of flooring outweighed the time taking process. Most of the people started liking this new and unique looking flooring pattern instead of going for the normal and boring flooring.

During the early days of parquet flooring popularity, smaller blocks of woods were used in comparison to what is used now for herringbone flooring, but both types of flooring were the same in terms of design. In the current era, you can easily purchase parquet floors, but it will come in the form of engineered floors.

What are the advantages of using herringbone flooring?

Create beautiful patterns

Because of the unique size and shape of the herringbone floors, you can easily create very unique and appealing patterns. The unique design and shape obtained from this type of flooring will add a chic feel to any room with any home décor and theme. One of the best things about herringbone flooring is it fits perfectly with both the vintage look and the modern look. All you will have to do is to pick the right color and size of flooring. You can find out more about the color, shape, and pattern of herringbone flooring by searching online.

Less maintenance required

One of the best things about herringbone flooring is you will be able to keep them clean quite easily. Unlike your traditional flooring, herringbone floors are easy to maintain, and this is another reason why so many people love it. The engineered floors are designed with core layers, and these core layers protect the floor from absorbing spills and from stains as well. So, if you will go with herringbone flooring, then you will have to spend less time cleaning it and more time admiring its beauty and perfection.


In addition to being easy to clean and offering a unique look, this type of flooring is long-lasting as well. You should know that all the herringbone floors are hard-wearing, and that’s why they can last longer than any other type of flooring option. If you will clean your floor regularly and address the minor issues on an immediate basis, then you can make your herringbone floor last for many decades. So, you can say that herringbone floorings can be easily passed from one generation to another without much damage. These floorings are as durable as solid hardwood, and that’s why you can count on them.

Herringbone floorings are surely one of the best types of flooring available in the current era. In addition to adding the sprucing up the overall look of your room, they require less maintenance, and they even last longer.

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