Hios Screw Driver – Meet Different Screw Driving Equipment

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Many factors can affect the overall quality of screw tightening. HIOS aims to provide the highest quality and to create a comfortable working environment in the world of automation. HIOS screw feeders and rivers are a comprehensive system that achieves highly reliable screw tightening and high-quality control.

Japan-made HIOS screw driver and feeder are famous worldwide for their durability and stability and ensures quality screw tightening.

Improvements Introduced with Japan-made HIOS Screw Driver and Feeder

  • High-quality control and highly reliable screw tightening.
  • It provides outstanding durability and stability. Consumables are no longer required.
  • Count the number of screws to be tightened, so operators do not have to worry about insufficient tightening.
  • Pass or fail judgment is available for every screw tightening. All the work data can be stored on a PC.
  • Improve productivity to reduce costs and work hours.

About HIOS Screwdrivers and Feeders for Automation


HIOS screwdrivers and feeders are not just standard screwdrivers modified to be installed on a machine. Instead, they are designed accurately to be used in the industrial automation field.

The main features of automation applications are:

Robust thrust bearings to stand up to the fast and continuous thrusts to the fastening slides which often happen in the automatic production cycles.

Highly resistive as they are manufactured with high-quality materials.

Maximum reliability as there is no accuracy loss in the vertical and horizontal axis.

High performance. The reduction gear system ensures maximum output, reduced noise level, and long lifespan of the kinematic chain.


Reduced weight and dimensions. It can be easily installed on machines, also with reduced room available.

Axial compensator: to eliminate the difference of screw height on the component. Reduces axial thrust and facilitates screw entry to protect the internal components and guarantees their long life.

For models without a clutch, it is possible to easily adjust the torque, speed, and direction by using simple control methods.

Available in reversible and non-reversible models. Reversible motors are equipped with two entrances for compressed air that alternate the input and output of the compressed air.

Customized solutions are available for standard type and application.

There are two types of starting systems:

  • Push to start, which is the most economical and straightforward system for only right-hand rotation motors. The motor starts automatically when a push is applied directly to it.
  • Direct start from a remote control signal, which is achieved by the application of a 3-way pneumatic control valve or 5-way control valve. This is greatly recommended for multiple assembly applications where the operator’s effort gets reduced.


  • Reduced noise level: Advanced designs have greatly reduced internal noise and vibrations. The effective silencing system guarantees a reduced noise level caused by air exhaust.
  • No risk of overheating: The performance is unchanged regardless of repetitive use, heavy-duty conditions, stops or starts or change of direction.
  • Extremely reduced weight and dimensions: The compact design allows easy mounting in most assembly equipment.

At 1ClickSMT, we provide high-quality and reliable screw driving systems to meet your various needs of the screw driving process. Our Japan made screw driver and screw feeder ensures your machine runs stably improving production efficiency. Get introduced to our single head with a double platform and double head with double platform screw driving machine that is capable to trace each screw tightening process in real-time.

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