How does an orthopedic surgeon treat patients and help them to recover?

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Who is an orthopedic surgeon and what do they do?

Orthopedic surgeons are doctors or physicians that are trained in treating the musculoskeletal system of the body. These doctors not only treat diseases related to the musculoskeletal system but also help the patient to prevent them from happening. They also provide rehabilitation to patients to recover from their treatment.

One of the most frequently asked questions is that what orthopedic surgeons do to treat patients with musculoskeletal deformities? Well, Orthopedic surgeons in Pakistan perform multiple surgeries including joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is one of the most frequent surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons. A lot of surgeries are performed other than joint replacement, such as knee replacement. In this surgery an artificial knee is replaced with the damaged knee.

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Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore do not only perform surgeries but also provide non-surgical methods. These methods are ideal for patients who tend to avoid surgery due to their lifestyle and cost. These doctors treat patients of all ages ranging from infants to old adults. Sometimes they have to recommend surgery to patients due to the severity of their injury. Orthopedic surgeons provide medications according to their diagnosis and treatment which may include joint replacement surgery in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world. Rehabilitation is sometimes proposed to patients due to their treatment. This allows the patient to gain back control in their body and get back to their original health. They diagnose and provide medication and perform surgery if needed. These medicos are trained in all types of musculoskeletal surgeries. However some of them specialize in a few fields such as sports, reconstruction, oncology, trauma, and pediatrics. These doctors coordinate with other doctors and consultants to discuss issues and health problems. These help in arising health issues in society and their cure. Some orthopedic surgeons teach in various institutions.

Common types of Orthopedic Surgery in Pakistan

As we know now that the orthopedic surgeons perform surgeries related to musculoskeletal system. This system is a network of bones, ligament, tendons, and muscles. There are mainly three types of surgeries performed by these doctors. With the fast development of the medical sector, new and better alternates are easily available to traditional surgery. Nowadays minimal invasive surgery provides a better solution from best orthopedic surgeon. This surgery requires less time and causes less pain to the patient.

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Listed down below are the common types of surgeries available in Pakistan:

Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is performed by replacing damaged joints with metal, ceramic or plastic devices known as prosthesis. These prostheses are important for joint replacement surgery in Pakistan because they work identically to the normal original part.

Hip and knee replacement are two of the most performed procedures termed as joint replacement surgery in Pakistan. It can be performed on various other parts of the body such as wrist, shoulder, ankle, and elbow.

Joints are the point where two bones meet each other. A lot of different types of joints are present in the human body. A few of them are knee hinge joints, it can bend and straighten like a pivoted door. Another example is the shoulder joint and hip joint. These joints are known as ball and socket due to their unique shape. The round shape of the bone fits into the cup-shaped area of the other bone just like a ball in a socket.

Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan takes a few hours. This can be performed in so many known hospitals such as National Hospital Lahore.

Recovery from Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Patients often can stand on their feet after the first day of the surgery and can eventually begin working out. On the second day, most of the patients start walking with a walker or crutches and support their body weight on their legs.

Often patients start leaving the hospital on the third day after the surgery. However, patients with slow recover like old aged patients often take more time to rest in the hospital under the doctor’s supervision.

Patients must use walkers or crutches for support. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for the patient to walk without crutches or walkers. Only after 4 to 5 weeks, the patient is allowed to put their body weight on their leg using a cane for balance. This cane provides support to the leg and prevents muscles from getting too used.

After 7 to 11 weeks of the surgery, the patient can be advised to stop using canes and crutches according to the doctor’s feedback. This will allow the hip to carry more bodyweight. The period of using canes can be extended depending on the patient’s muscles. If the patient has weak muscles they cannot support their body weight on their legs after the surgery for a long time.

After the physical therapy is completed and the patient can easily support their joints without any crutches, they may continue their normal life. They can live the lifestyle of their choice. They can play sports and other heavy physical exercises as this will further strengthen their joints. It is important not to overstress the new joins in order to avoid any more complications.

Cost of Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Depending on the type of surgery it can range from 500,000 to 800,000 PKR. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is relatively cheaper than international prices as they can range from $40,000 to $60,000.

Types of Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Knee replacement surgery

Knee arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery is done to replace damaged knee affected by arthritis. Instead of the damaged knee a prosthetic metal or plastic cap-like part is used. This joins the bones together just like the joint.

Knee replacement surgery is recommended by best orthopedic surgeon when arthritis is severe in the knee and the pain is unbearable. This makes hard for the person to get out of bed and walk on their knees.

  • The pain becomes unbearable and the person cannot go to sleep.
  • The area around the knee gets swollen.
  • Physical exercises, diet, and medication have no effect.

Shoulder replacement surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery is the removal of affected areas in the shoulder. These affected and damaged areas are replaced with artificial parts that replicate the original one. These can be made from plastic or metal. The patient may need a shoulder replacement due to arthritis and fractures in the shoulder joints.

The pain in the shoulder’s patient causes the need for shoulder replacement surgery. These patients cannot find ease through medication and physical therapy. The doctor will recommend the proper procedures that the patient would need and is best for them.

Hip replacement surgery

In this surgery, best Hip Replacement Surgeon of Pakistan will remove the damaged hip which is affected by arthritis. This is hip is replaced with an artificial joint that is made from metal or plastic. The hip is painful for the patient and needs to be removed for the comfort of the patient. This procedure is the last resort for the rehabilitation of the patient when everything has failed including physical therapy and medications.

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